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How to Explore and Get the Best from Your Selfie Booth Experience

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Selfie photo booths are all in a rage these days and there is no denial to the fact that they have a great potential to liven up every second that you spend in special events. And once you add some elements of genuine laughs and innocent fun, the overall photographing moments get even more rewarding.

Here are some ideas on how you can make it…

#1: A Selfie Booth with a Hat

Fill a jar with paper strips, each containing a question and whoever enters the booth should be asked to pick up a strip and answer the question written there, in 10 seconds. The questions could be personal or general, depending on the age group and maturity level of the visitor. Take a random shot while the person concerned answers his questions- this will help you collect some real candid moments even inside a quirky booth.



You can also create a big hat-like structure, with all types of funny props stuffed inside. The guests would require posing with whatever prop they pick up. Then using the features of selfie photo booths, your service provider can create some amazing videography, GIF, slow mo and traditional photographs. See how amazing the whole thing goes.

#2: Getting Over the Selfie Consciousness

We all have faced that awkward moment some time or other when you had to take pictures on your own. This is something of a selfie consciousness- something very common these days… From the dominance of people crazily taking selfies everywhere, you might want to take some of your own too!

So how can you loosen up and make all comfortable inside the booth? Here’s help:

  • Start making some silly faces no wonder how silly they appear to you. Just pose as if no one is seeing.
  • Crack up, think of a joke and burst out!
  • While taking your own picture, lift the camera a bid above your eyebrow line and slowly turn 360 degrees and find the perfect light to shoot. Ensure that the light you choose do not make any hot spots, or make weird shadows on your face.
  • Next, lean your head back forth a little, and turn your head slowly. You are sure to find an angle that you will find is perfectly flattering for you.
  • Now make some faces, funny, sunny and serious and have a relaxed time photographing yourself.

#3: Click Ample Pictures

You should remember that you are not using a traditional Polaroid. So never hesitate to click as many pictures as you can. Simply erase the things that you would not like. After all, you would not like to look at your bad photographs ever, because they will not be too good to overcome your selfie consciousness.

So say cheese to a more beautiful you!


#4: Snap Into Some Fun

A selfie booth in your party is meant to create unlimited memories and fast connections. Plus, there will be a friendly, yet professional booth operator who would manage all the hassles. Plus, you can also let your guests take home beautiful souvenirs in form of the keepsake photos and directly share them through FaceBook, Twitter, and E-mail.

#5: Request for Special Services

You can also request for special services like allowing your guests to share their pictures directly on social media, choosing from an array of interesting backdrops, green screens and many more features that work like a champ!

So never fear about how things will turn out to be. Rather, book your unit, say cheese and cheers to life!

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