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EE vs WordPress- Which Is More Useful For You?

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Today there is enough content or information over the internet which talks about both the differences and similarities between ExpressionEngine( EE) and WordPress– two highly supreme or top-level content management systems (CMSs) available for your use. So as a user you should not be confused about which content management system is more important to you than the other.

EE vs WordPress – Which One Is Better For Your Business Website

But unfortunately, that’s not the case, which means users of these two content management systems still have enough doubts about their usefulness to them. I think users are still confused either about the functionalities of these CMSs or the potential of their features when it comes to creating a website and running it smoothly.


One of the greatest difference between these two content management systems is that one of them is paid and another one is free. EE is a paid CMS While WordPress is free, and because of that there is a wide range of people who want to make use of WordPress. However, as a user, you would like your CMS to fulfill a variety of your requirements and hence you cannot restrict them to the cost factor alone. That means when you use a content management system for generating a website and for its proper functioning, you should not only think about it being a free or paid CMS, instead of that you should focus on what kind of features are you getting with it and are they powerful enough to sort out your website related problems.

Comparison between EE and WordPress only makes sense if at all you are ready to invest in your CMS, otherwise, it’s of no use. However, if you are running a business making an investment in the right content management system should not remain a big thing for you as it is only going to enhance online image of your business.

Let’s compare these two CMSs on the basis of their features


#1: Security

This is one of the most crucial areas wherein we must compare EE and WordPress as it remains highly important for the website owners. As an owner of a website, you always want to secure your website with stringent security measures, unfortunately not every other CMS in the market can help you out with that effectively.
As far as security related features are concerned ExpressionEngine always has an edge over WordPress which comes with really limited security measures both for the website and for the users.

Some of the security features which make EE better than WordPress include Throttling- which helps in managing the frequency at which an IP address accesses a website so that denial of service attack can be easily prevented. Apart from that, Duplicate Data Denial, IP and User Agent Logging, Password Lockout, Email Banning, IP Banning, Session Management, and Captcha are other paramount security features of EE which make it a better CMS than WordPress.

#2: The CMS that’s More Popular

As far as the users of a CMS is concerned, it may depend on a lot of factors, for example, most of the people who are just not bothered about the design of their websites or its appearance simply go ahead with WordPress because it is free and it works for them.

WordPress can be used by all most anyone in the world who want to make a website in order to create an online presence, however, EE is mostly used for commercial purpose.

If an individual wants to create his own website just because he want to publish and popularize his own articles and blogs he/she will definitely opt for WordPress, but at the same time if you require a website for a business you will most likely want to use EE. That means ExpressionEngine is more popular among developers when it comes to building a precise business website.

#3: User-Friendly

Both WordPress and EE are user-friendly content management systems but again there are a few things that should be clear to you. Because EE is intentionally designed for a commercial purpose, it’s a bit more high-tech when compared to rest of the content management systems and hence you need to be a bit more technically sound to use this software. On the other hand, you may find WordPress a bit simpler to use as it is designed to be used by common people.

#4: Technical Support

You have to sort out all the technical issues yourself if you are using WordPress for building and managing your website. However, while using EE if you are stuck with something, there is always a technical supports team to help you.


On the basis of above comparison, it becomes truly clear that EE is slightly more useful when compared to WordPress.

So, what are you waiting for? Find experienced ExpressionEngine Development Firm for your business website.

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  1. Rajat

    March 23, 2016 at 11:25 am

    The main plus point of WordPress over EE is that it’s totally free. So, anyone who’s new into blogging prefers it over EE. Anyways, very well written article.


    • Karthik Linga

      March 23, 2016 at 3:35 pm

      Hey Rajat !!

      Thanks for your visiting back ! Yes, i agree its a free to use at the first level of blogging. Every blogger will prefers a free version to use at their starting stage. EE is also a great source of CMS to easy use. Keep visiting our updates.


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