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Extreme Health: Why Your Should Stay Away From These Five Things

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When you’re on the hunt for perfect levels of health, you can enjoy quite a disjointed journey. For some people, everything will stay okay. By eating foods that fuel your body, and ensuring that your heart, muscles, and mind stays in shape with the help of exercise, you’re doing everything you can to help your health naturally. But that’s not always enough for some people. Sometimes, an innocent journey to better levels of health can turn sour. And this is where the idea of extreme health comes in. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of health ideals, and want to get results fast, but if you want to stay healthy and look after yourself, you have to stay away from each of these things.

#1: Stress

A lot of people see stress as a sign of success. And it’s easy to see why. Many successful people are stressed! And the side effects of trying to be a success can often stress you out. It’s a vicious cycle. But stress is never a good thing to experience. It shouldn’t be glorified. In fact, it can be incredibility damaging to your health. You may find that on your journey to health, you experience stress in one way or another. You may even get overloaded with it at work or home. But when you do, step back. Any form of stress is only going to hinder your health.



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#2: Steroids

As tempting as it may be to cheat your way to the top, you’re going to want to remember that doing something like this is neither legal nor good for your health. Using drugs to get to where you want to be is never going to be a good idea. Instead, you need to look into alternative supplement options that you can get without a prescription and that will be good for you, not bad. Even when you think others are doing it, don’t!


#3: Starvation

When you want to lose weight, logic would tell you that if you eat less and move more, you’re going to burn it off. But you need to do both of these things within reason. Just like excessive exercise, starvation can have some really damaging and permanent side effects to your health. It can even mess with your metabolism too. So when you think about skipping a meal to lose weight, remember what you’re really doing to your body.


#4: Smoking

By now, you should know enough to get that smoking is not big, clever, or even cool. It’s just plain bad for your health. Not only can it take years off of your life, but it can also age you too. And when you’re trying to be healthy, they’re two things you don’t want.


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#5: Strain

And finally, you’re going to want to start taking things a little easier. When you have a ton of work to do, and you’re trying to be healthier, you can often find that you start to put a strain on your system. And before long, exhaustion will set in. But if you want to stay healthy, you’re going to want to keep yourself calm and unburden yourself too.


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