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Finding A Career Or Business Which Suits Your Personality

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For all the good they do you, most schools will skip one incredibly vital area. This area shapes the rest of your life, dictating the path of your career and the way you live out your years. Of course, it’s hard for teachers to help kids to choose what they’d like to do when they grow up, though. So, it makes sense that a lot of people leave school wondering what they’re going to do. This sort of decision doesn’t have to be a huge challenge, though. Instead, with the right work, it’s easy to make sure that you end up doing a job you enjoy.

The most important thing to considering when you’re thinking about your career is your personality. A lot of people love the idea of certain jobs based on what they look like from the outside. For example, the idea of being a public speaker might be very exciting to you, because of the glitz and glamour, and the life which can come with it. But, when it comes to getting on stage and talking, you might struggle to be confident. This is a very broad example, but as you go through this post, it should make some more sense. It’s not worth being in a job you don’t love, and it will be very hard to love a job which doesn’t work with your personality.

A lot of people like to stumble through this part of their life, hoping that their career will manifest if they simply work hard enough. With so much competition in the job space, though, you have to be prepared to plan your path. Doing this will give you a good idea of the work you have to do to get the jobs you want, while also preparing you to find alternatives if your dreams don’t quite work out. It’s a good idea to have several backup plans when you’re doing this. If you can’t work towards more than one goal at the same time, it could be worth looking for a different route.



Of course, talking about choosing the perfect career for your personality is easier said than done. You will have to do a lot of learning along the way, with most careers requiring qualifications of some sort. And you’ll also have to work hard to keep your existing job going to fund your climb. Below, you’ll find some examples of jobs which fit different personality types. This should inspire you to look for more careers, while also helping you to know what to look for in them.

#1: The Socialite

Despite being daunting to some, public speaking can be extremely rewarding to those that it suits. Public speaking comes in a huge variety of flavors, from people talking at large events to representing companies during their product releases. This diversity gives this area a lot of potential for people looking for a good career. This sort of job is best for people who love to talk and socialize, while also having an interest in something which is interesting to talk about.

The way that you get into a role like this will vary depending on the subject you’d like to speak about. Brian Cox is a good example of a public speaker and science communications expert who has worked extremely hard to get into their position. Of course, you don’t have to work quite this hard for a job in this field, but you might have to study an online degree in the subject you’d like to talk about. From there, your success in this area will be largely down to your ability to network with people who will give you work.

#2: The Problem Solver

The computing industry is an ever changing and growing area which is in constant need of new professionals. Of course, though, it takes a very particular type of person to be able to program software or build computers. If you’re a good problem solver with an interest in the way things work, this sort of industry could be perfect for you. Jobs in this area range hugely, giving you the chance to pick and choose based on the qualifications you’d need.

Most of the world’s most experienced computer technicians, programmers, and networking experts are, at least in part, self-taught. When this industry was starting to boom, education was severely lacking in it, making it hard for people to study computing. Times have changed, though, and there are loads of courses out there for people with little to no experience in computing. This gives you the chance to get into a role like this without having to have spent your entire life playing with technology.

#3: The Empathetic

Being able to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel is a remarkable and very respectable skill to have, especially in a world ruled by politics, logic, and business. People with this ability are often wasted, though, as they don’t use this skill to form their career. Having an empathetic personality makes you perfect for any role in social work. This incredibly rewarding career path is one which a lot of people fail to consider, even when they are recommended it by career advisors.

Getting into a career in social can be done through two paths. Some people will choose to work up the ranks, going from a nurse or assistant position to something with a lot more clout. Of course, for some, this climb will take far too long for them to see any reason to do it. Instead, studying a social worker masters degree could provide you with everything you need to get the position you want. Whether you work with children, adults, or vulnerable people, you will feel very good about doing this role.


#4: The Strong Willed

You probably know if you enjoy debating or not. If the thrill of winning an intellectual argument excites and drives you, a career in politics could be perfect for you. In this sort of sector, your work will be to be relentless to get you into the position you want. You will have competition from every side, even your own, so you’ll have to fight to get to the top. Along with being a good fighter, being a good politician also takes commitment to your local area and the people in it. This job can’t be done by someone who lacks compassion.

There are various paths you can take when you’re working towards becoming a politician. In fact, most of the people leading in the world have come from a wide range of different backgrounds. Of course, a lot of people get into their role thanks to their money. But, plenty of people have worked their way there, too. Qualifications in almost any subject can help, but you’ll also need to put some time in for the party you’d like to represent. Volunteer work and acting in paid roles will be the start of your climb, but you will also have to be active in meetings and debates.

#5: Getting Some Help

It’s no secret that a lot of people struggle to choose the path they’d like to take for their career. Thankfully, businesses and governments alike understand this and offer ways to help you find your niche. Using career advice services, it’s possible to gain access to a wealth of information about the job market in your area. Often, it can be the fact that you don’t know a job exists which keeps you from going for it. So, having access to this sort of information can help loads. Along with this, recruitment companies are often happy to talk to their candidates to understand what they want from their work. Thanks to their expertise and resources, this can be a great way to get suggestions about your perfect role.


Of course, your restriction might not be struggling to make up your mind, though. Instead, a lot of people struggle to get a job they like because their situation prevents them from doing so. If you can’t get qualifications or you’re too old for people to consider you, it can be very frustrating. But, you’re not out of options. Starting your own business would take away these restrictions, replacing them with your level of determination and ability to self-motivate. To get some help with this, it’s best to avoid large loans or government grants to get your support. Small business owners in your area will be much more useful, being able to give you advice based on their experience. If you find the right business, you might even be able to partner up with them.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking for a career based on both your interests and your personality. When you’re looking for your career, it’s important to make sure you consider this aspect. A lot of people don’t realize that their working life will impact the rest of their existence so much. But, if you don’t like your work, it can often become the biggest thing you have to think about, taking the fun out of the free time you have.

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