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Formulation and User Stories Are Crucial For Tech Debt

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When you have to plan some technical tasks to deal with tech debt your team may find it difficult to cope up with and struggle to find an easy way out. But it is necessary to do so as debts are sure to happen and it must also be refactored. A user might feel it is of no use to them but as an owner you have to be cautious so that the tech debt never reaches unmanageable proportions. It is during this time you may feel the need to create user stories but you must know that user stories can mislead both your customers and your team as well.

#1 User Stories and Development

User stories are critical as it has nothing to do with the actual user and there is no role played by the user in it. It is basically a job for the team for development and it is used to re-frame the structure, quality and characteristic of the code and the functional behavior of it. It is necessary to track down the defects, make necessary amendments and address it as soon as possible so that you do not have to put it on backlog by terming these defects as user stories as they are not delivering the desired result. Therefore, admittance, addressing and making amendments are the job of the development team and not that of the user.


#2 Technical Task and User Stories

Technical task and user stories may have some relation but have some difference as well. User stories are the requirements of the user as felt by them while using the code but technical task is all about the implementation of the refactoring process to make the user find the code more useful in the future. If you find that there are some tasks which has nothing to do with the user stories, you can put them on backlog for prioritization where you can create separate user stories for each one of them. You can check online to know more about the process of prioritization. Do not forget to check out for the prosper loans review online so as to get benefited whenever needed. Such loans are much popular these days and are of great help.


#3 Need to Formulate

When you are formulating a product the owners will not object to any project or technical tasks. They would also not object to any stories which are in the backlog for prioritization and release plans simultaneously. You can have useful discussions with your development team to come out with easy and beneficial ways to reduce technical debt. Therefore, it is necessary and helpful to relate user stories with technical tasks so that careful and proper assessment is facilitated to determine the best possible effort required to address it so that benefits are more to reduce technical debts.


#4 Eliminate Difference in Opinion

Once these user stories are helpful for assessing and addressing tech debts by your development team, all the stake holders will also summarily understand the necessity of it and will prioritize the technical tasks and work towards the development of all such backlogs. There will be no difference in opinions between the owner of the product and the development team regarding technical task. You can this way cover all the technical tasks in the backlog effectively and quickly.

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