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FotoJet Review – Edit Your Common Photo into Art Work

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FotoJet Review – Edit Your Common Photo into Art Work. Nowadays, people take more and more photos all the time, we use photos help us remember this wonderful moment easy and long. Sometimes, we can use these photos to make unique art works and send them to our families and friends. FotoJet provides an easy and fun way for us to do so.

FotoJet is an online graphic tool, it makes collage making, photo editing, and design all kinds of social platforms banner, poster and flyer and so on easier and quicker. There are three parts: collage maker, photo designer, and photo editor. Each part has its own way to help us, just try them out if you like.


Photo Edit features – Fotojet:

The edit mode of FotoJet is a very powerful option, there are plenty of functions you can use to adjust your photo, these can help you make your photo into beautiful art works, no matter you are a graphic artist or not, FotoJet can help you look more professional. You can finish your work within a few minutes. Now, let’s get started fotojet review to edit one.



#Step 1:

Open www.fotojet.com and click the EDIT button to enter edit mode. There are two ways for you to upload your photo by clicking the Open button on the top bar, from your computer or from your Facebook. Also, you can directly play with the sample picture before upload yours.


#Step 2:

Use the edit function gives your photo some slight adjustment.

First, you can click the auto enhance, it can make your photo looks more beautiful. This also is the simplest function, just one click it enough. At the same time, you can use crop, resize and rotate, exposure and color to adjust your photo, all these all some basic functions. Of course, here you are allowed to make some advanced adjustments, such as sharpen, dehaze, focus, color splash and so on. These can help you make your photo becomes very unique and splendid. No matter which one you want to use, just click it and give it slight adjustment and click apply to save your change is ok. The color splash can help you to rightly enhance the parts you want, and it is very easy to use.


#Step 3:

Use effect to make your photo unique. There are plenty of effects provided, just move your mouse to Effect and click it out, you will see lots of effects. You can have a quick preview by clicking them one by one, then just pick out the one you want to use most and click apply to save it.


#Step 4:

Add some text and clipart to your photo, which can help you to add whatever you want to say in your photo if you like. You can adjust the size, color, position of the text, also you are allowed you add to outline and glow to beautify it. You can make text into watermark by drag its opacity bar, and this can protect your photo from using by others without your permission. As for clipart, you can also give them some adjustments, like change size, color, adjust tint, opacity exposure and so on.


#Step 5:

Use overlay to make your photo look dreadful and wonderful. FotoJet provides many overlays for users to pretty photos. Move mouse to overlay, there are Bokeh, Light Trail, Cute, Montage, Space, Burst etc, you can have preview one by one. Then choose the one you like most to use, click Apply to save your choice. All these overlays are very beautiful and have their own features, and I believe you will regret if you missed them. So just try them out, and find the one fit your photo most.


# Step 6:

Add your photo a frame if you want. Edit mode provides some useful and beautiful frame for users. Just pick out any one you like, click it and make some adjustments.


Collage Maker – Fotojet

FotoJet provides classic collage templates, creative collage Misc and photo card in collage mode. Classic collage helps you to make some basic and simple collage, which creative collage templates can help you make very beautiful and creative collage. Misc for some funny collage and photo cards for many different themes cards. Let’s make a 3D collage with a creative template. Click 3D button, then you will see lots of pretty templates, choose the one you want to use, and then add your photo to a template. You can also add text and clipart to it. If you do not like the background of the template, you can also replace it.


Photo Designer – Fotojet

FotoJet helps you make facebook cover, poster, flyer and etc, easily and quickly. Just move your mouse to DESIGN, and then you can see many types’ works, click the right one you need to make. All the simple templates are matched with a suitable image, so you can use them directly after a lot adjustment. Just try it now if you like.


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