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Fresh Ideas For The Outdated Spare Room

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Not too many homeowners have a spare room, so you are one of the lucky ones. You might be so lucky if they find out it is just sitting there stewing. Lots of people would kill for any extra space, which is why it is time to transform it into something beautiful. There is even better news – you don’t need to nail down the final project. For all you procrastinators out there, your spare room has so much potential you can turn it into anything you like. Below are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

A Sleeping Room

The idea of a sleeping room probably sounds a little stupid because you already have a bedroom. But, this room is solely for sleeping. Again, sounds a bit weird, right? ‘What else do I do in my bedroom?’ The answer is a lot of things, and sleep isn’t always one of them. A bedroom is a room full of gadgets and gizmos, from TVs to laptops, and they don’t aid sleep. In actuality, they make it harder to sleep which is why you feel the need to add a room exclusively for sleep. A sleeping room doesn’t have any of the distractions an average bedroom has, and that makes it ideal for catching forty winks.


A Games Room

Games rooms are great fun for all the family. At least, that’s what you tell your partner when you float the idea. You should also inform them it’s a great place to have fun as well as relax. Just let them know it is a space where they can get away from the rigors of life and they will snap off your hand! No one is saying you’re hard work, but everyone needs a release. Obviously, you need games like pool and darts, but you also need a focal point like a bar. A hollow chunk of wood with a choice of pub table tops will make it seem as if you’re in your local. Connect the bar to a keg of beer and it will be better than the local!



A Spa

If a games room isn’t on the agenda, a spa is a good alternative. It might not sound as good, but it truly is fun for all the family. Whether you are a guy, a girl, or a teenager with a chip on your shoulder, this is the room for you. All it takes is a massage table and a call to a professional to make a home visit and you’ve got a spa. It’s a piece of cake!


A Contemplation Room

A contemplation room sounds like a pretentious place full of psychiatrists pondering the meaning of life, and in a way it is. The only difference is you’re no shrink (probably) and you can’t charge a hundred bucks an hour to use the room! What you can do is use the room to take the edge off life. You don’t have to be miserable or depressed to feel the responsibility of life on a daily basis. Sometimes, the weight can trigger stress, which complicates everything. To relieve the stress, you need a nice, quiet room with a view. A tip: the more tranquil the room, the better.


Don’t let the spare room rot. Take action and turn it into something special.

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