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How To Fully Equip Your Employees With The Correct Skills

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Do you often look at your employees and wish they were better equipped at using the office tools such as Microsoft Excel, Word or even data entry? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle to train their employees in the workplace as there as so many other things to get done in the work day. Have a look at some of the different strategies to ensure you can train your employees up with all the desired skills, but still get the much-needed work done within work hours.

Run Your Training Session

If you run a business in an industry that requires your employees to work shift work, it can be difficult coming to a consensus on when to hold a training session. On the other hand,  employees are often tired from working long hours and do not want to commit to staying back after hours. To entice your employees providing a free meal can keep them motivated when running an after hours training session. If you feel as though this is still not enough to keep your employees happy, yet their skills need further development to ensure a better business, you may want to consider paying your staff for the extra hours they spend at the training session. Holding your training session has its benefits as it allows you to train your employees at your own pace, and in the areas that are most needed for your particular business.


Pay For External Training

Paying for external training at places such as Training Connection, you can provide your employees with much-desired skills, as well as give them an opportunity to get a certificate for the time spent at training. The qualifications earned from external training provides your employees with the motivation to do their job efficiently. If you are worried about getting your staff to the training session, offer them a paid day to attend the training during work hours.


Online Training Session

Many workforces opt for an online induction for any new employees. By having new hires attend online courses before they start work ensures they are fully prepared for the workplace expectations and how to use the platforms they will be working with. This is a cheaper alternative to face to face training sessions and does not take away from any of the time spent working. Most workplaces hold training sessions at the conception of a contract, so many employees will not be surprised or mind taking part in the training.


If you are concerned about workplace productivity, and the skills your current employees have in the areas needed to complete their job, face to face training held by yourself or another manager is a great option. If holding the training session yourself isn’t your style consider sending your employees to a training day. Additionally, for any new hires, an online course held as an induction ensures they are fully equipped for your workplace.

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