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Fully Function A Business Fast!

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When it comes to giving your business the care and attention it deserves to make it go far, what would you say are the best functions? The marketing? The people? The surroundings? What if I said the right equipment? Having systems that are efficient and speedy help businesses to do half the work at double the speed. Utilizing systems that have back-office functions contributes to keeping the business working efficiently in the background while your employees get on with the tasks that they are getting paid for. There are a few simple things you can integrate into your business to increase staff productivity without stretching your employees to their breaking point.

#1: A “Virtual” Setup

This is very handy if you are running a smaller than average size business. Having a virtual office is a great way of giving the impression that the business is larger than it is! Companies use virtual offices to rent out meeting spaces or to have a virtual assistant take calls for your organization. Businesses like The Hoxton Mix that have the ability to create a virtual office for your business and rent out space for meetings for a fee.

Also, another way to use a virtual setup is to have your mail directed to a more “professional” looking address. It is great if you’re running a business out of your mom’s garage!



#2: A CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management system is a great resource for back-office functions. It is a very cost effective method of data centralisation. It also works to generate leads for clients and also works great for basic admin tasks. Lots of businesses are making the transition to a CRM system for some tasks it can process behind the scenes.

#3: A Cloud-Based Storage System

Upgrading to the Cloud from your typical computer hardware helps when storage space has become an issue. A Cloud system is relatively hassle-free to integrate and is easy to upskill your staff on. Purchasing system updates for hardware is costly with every change in operating systems. With the Cloud, this is eliminated. It’s also beneficial for the environment as Cloud systems power themselves down when they’re not being used.


#4: A VoIP Phone

Using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone is another business method to save money. VoIP phones rely on the internet to make your phone calls, so it saves you the need of purchasing a phone line. VoIPs have many useful office functions, such as being able to connect with remote workers and can turn any computer into a “softphone.” You can choose to run it yourself, in-house, or pay a monthly fee to have a service provider do the work for you. If you do it in-house, be sure to have an IT team to maintain it. A lot of companies tend to pay a service provider for peace of mind, so if you are looking for a more sophisticated phone system, jump into the VoIP!

These methods are ways to increase overall workplace productivity. So, try one (or all of them) and see your productivity increase with little effort.

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