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The Gadgets that Prove Future Is Here

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A lot of people belonging to generations from 1950s until present day grew up on the Sci-Fi classics such as Star Trek, Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The things they saw there seemed simply magical and for most of them, it was believed to be impossible to be made in real life. Today however, some of the most daring technological innovations from silver screen seem as relics from the ‘90s. Sure, we still cannot teleport, or even make a working light saber for that matter, but here are some gadgets that will prove you that future is indeed already here.

Smartphone – Gadget

One of the Sci-Fi items that was met with perhaps greatest skepticism is none other than Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver. The thing that rattled a lot of people was how could a single multi-tool ever be advanced enough to perform so many tasks. Today it turns out that our smartphones are capable of things even Dr. Who writers weren’t crazy enough to dream of. With a smartphone you cannot turn your lights on and off, change the temperature of your room, switch your TV channels and even assume control over your home’s security system. It simply doesn’t get any more futuristic than that.


Segway – Gadget

Ever since the iconic Back to the Future, members of generation x and millennials all over the world are dreaming about real life hover boards. Unfortunately, we are still not at the stage of our technological advancement where levitation is used as a common assistance to vehicle development, but in 2016 you can buy something quite close to this. If by any chance you decide to get a hoverboard Segway, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. This device will give you a chance to commute aground urban area for hours without even breaking a sweat and appearing as cool and futuristic as possible while doing it.



Roomba Cleaner – Gadget

Now, as we all know in many installments such as Sci-Fi short stories classics of Isaac Asimov, we see robots as some sort of domestic servants. True, we are still far from robots who do some of the most complicated house chores, but when it comes to vacuuming Roomba cleaner is up to the task. Sure, it doesn’t look like you would have expected, but then again in reality, the practical aspect of the device is the thing that matters the most. All in all, even if Roomba is not the droid you are looking for, it is one giant leap when it comes to the realization of idea that is household robotics.


3D Printer – Gadget

Finally, who hasn’t dreamed about a real life Star Trek replicator. A machine capable of creating 3D objects from scratch probably seemed like something miraculous to many people, but today this is pretty much a common occurrence. Sure, not every household has a 3D printer but a number of those that do is rapidly climbing. Furthermore, the number of applications that this amazing technology has found in different industries is quite staggering.


They say that man’s reach oftentimes exceeds his grasp, but when it comes to these technological advancements, this was not the case. The best thing about Sci-Fi is that it awakens our imagination and creates a hunger deep in our minds of making the impossible happen. Luckily, we are a resourceful species and there are no boundaries that could keep us in check for long.

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