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Gaming PC Essentials You May Have Missed

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If you’ve spent a lot of money on a gaming PC – then good for you! You’ve made a good choice and PC building is a great hobby.

Now while you may be enjoying Grand Theft Auto Five at 60 Frames Per Second in glorious 1440p HD, you might have missed out on getting some essentials in to ensure your new PC is running as well as it can.

Firstly, did you consider cable management? The stronger the components making up your system, the more heat that will be generated. Bad cable management can ruin the internal temperature of your new PC. If you use cable ties to keep your cables in good order, you’ll improve the airflow of your computer. This keeps everything cooler and your system in good shape.



Speaking of good shape, you wouldn’t expect a marathon runner to smoke ten cigars a day – would you? So why do you expect your computer to run the latest Skyrim mods on ultra settings when it is choking on dust? An electric duster can blow the dust out of your system and get it back into good health. A microfiber cloth or brush can be used to dust the computer case, keyboard, and monitor as well.

Why would you want a basic computer mouse on your beastly new machine? Consider something like the Cyborg M.M.O.7. This can be programmed with some commands and even has buttons to quickly access said commands. It’s also backlit with some funky lights to match your computer case. Ensure your mouse and keyboard don’t hurt you when you use them, though. Gel pads and wrist cushions might be a good idea and split keyboards shouldn’t be shrugged at. Your posture and health come before your kill/death ratio on Battlefield 1. In terms of input, you might want to consider a controller. There are plenty of cheaper options available, but the PS4 Dualshock 4 works with the PC well and is a great all-rounder. Going back to the mouse, a good mousepad can ensure that your mouse glides around the desk friction-free when the gaming gets intense and you’ve got to order your army to the front of the Maginot Line. Remember to rest, as well!

Even if you’ve got the best graphics card available, it is pointless if you don’t have a good monitor. A good monitor is going to display the full power of your graphics card. Check out the reviews of the best gaming monitors on this page and make sure you buy the monitor that can handle your graphics card.


If you’re into gaming with friends, get a nice mic. Everyone will benefit if your voice is coming through their headset in a crisp manner and the Blue Snowball is a great option. Try it out and recommend it to your friends if you play a lot.

Of course, don’t forget the games! Steam is the best place to buy – but shop around for CD keys to get a good discount on occasion.

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