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How to Get Ahead in the Most Competitive Job Markets

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We all have career aspirations. Be it to become a doctor, a mechanic or a plumber, we all have a dream career that we would do anything in our power to find a route into. Some dream career paths, however, are more difficult to make a reality than others.

Due to a lack of work or due to the sheer volume of people looking for work in certain job markets, it can be almost impossible to follow your dream career path. However, this is not a reason to give up. Below is a list of some of the most competitive job markets, and how you can get ahead in them.

#1: Journalism

Making a living within the field of journalism is an almost impossible task. It is an exceptionally competitive, and quickly shrinking job market. Through going onto Indeed and searching local job listings for four or five months after graduating from university, you find out just how incredibly rare a journalism job is. If two new journalism jobs cropped up in one week, it is considered to be a miracle and was rightfully celebrated as one. Due to the scarcity of jobs within this market, the jobs that become available are usually massively overprescribed which makes it extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd.



Tips: In order to make yourself as employable as possible, build up the experience by doing things yourself. Create a blog and publish your own work online; start a podcast with your university friends; or even start a YouTube channel where you report and give your opinion on the news. If you are able to build up multi-platform experience, you will give yourself the best possible opportunity to impress potential employers within the field of journalism.

#2: Teaching

The old joke: “those who can’t do, teach”, has been wholly dispelled over the past decade. Teaching can no longer be considered a fallback job for people who have failed to become lawyers, writers or doctors; it is now one of the most competitive and difficult career paths to follow. Like journalism, teaching is a shrinking and massively overprescribed job market. Over the past ten years, opportunities within education have become few and far between, leading to many people giving up on trying to find a route into one of the most rewarding vocations.


Tips: Do not be afraid to accept part-time work. Through education job sites like Simply Education – supply teacher jobs are made available to graduates looking to find a route into teaching. Part-time work such as this will ensure that you have the opportunity build relationships within schools. Building strong relations with principals of schools will likely mean that when a full-time job does crop up, you will be near the top of the candidate’s list.

#3: Barrister

Becoming a qualified Barrister is surprisingly the easiest part of this particular career path. Once qualified, Barristers can find it extremely difficult to find work. This is largely due to the fact that Barristers are forced to rely upon Solicitors to give them cases to work on.

Tips: Networking is key. Ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of being chosen to work on court cases by building relationships with Solicitors within your area.

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