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Get Creative With Your Front Lawn

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Not all of us are lucky enough to have a front lawn and those who do generally ignore its presence. However, the front garden is first thing guests will see when coming to your house, so why not use it to create a good first impression? There are many creative things you can do with that empty patch of grass. Here are few ideas…

#1: Transform it into a driveway

If parking is a problem in your local area, why not solve it by transforming your unused front lawn into a driveway. You can make this a DIY project, or if you’re sensible call in professionals. Choose a company that best suits the type of driveway you’d like. For example, some companies such as Pavement FX Driveway concreters work mainly with paving, whereas others might work more with gravel driveways. Make sure that your front lawn has enough space to fit your vehicle and check if you need planning permission first.


#2: Lay a stepping stone path

For a touch of romanticism, why not create a little stepping stone path leading up to your front door. This can give your property a more inviting feel. For a magical feel, why not also try adding some flower beds, dwarf trees, and a gate. You can even go the extra mile and add in some garden gnomes if that’s what you’re into!


#3: Create a front patio

Many choose to have a patio around the back of their house as it serves as the most private area for dining and recreation. But if the sun sets on the opposite side, this can make eating out in the evenings a cold occasion. Instead, why not make your front garden your recreation area. Lay out some deck chairs and soak up that dusk sunlight that you’ve been missing. You can always add a small wall or hedge to stop you being so exposed to passers-by – just don’t block out that evening sun.


#4: Make your own allotment

During the Second World War, homeowners were persuaded to turn their front lawns into growing patches for vegetables. Whilst this was a great way of rationing, it’s also a nifty way to make practical use of one’s front lawn. Go truly organic and feel the satisfaction of producing your own food.

#5: Make money by renting your front lawn

This is an option that few people may consider, but if you don’t use your front lawn, why not rent it out to other people. By transforming it into an aforementioned allotment you could provide a space for keen vegetable growers who don’t have a garden of their own. Alternatively, you could turn your front lawn into a paid parking space. In London, this is an idea that has already taken off – people renting their driveways out to people wanting cheap parking in the capital. It may also be worth looking into if you live by an airport – anywhere where cheap parking is in demand!

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