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Get Paid Almost Six Figures By Becoming An Advanced Nurse

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If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a career that would fulfill your dreams, but so far seem to have no luck finding it, you’re not alone. Many around the world are looking for a unique opportunity to find a role in life, that would fit their beliefs and motives to get up out of bed in the morning. If you’re a caring, passionate person, and have always wanted to work with other people to better their life, nursing is one of the best routes to take. You’ll be taking a long journey into the world of modern health care, and with the added benefit of many jobs to enter, you may find just exactly what you’ve been looking for. This journey first involves getting the right qualifications before you can press ahead. Modern nurses are not like the nurses of old, whereby they stood next to the doctor to give him or her updates. Now, modern nurses are fully involved in the patient healing process with lots of serious responsibilities.

Bear the standard

Anyone who wants to work in the healthcare industry but didn’t take a course at any college is not shut out of the industry by any means. If you have the passion, the drive and willpower to chase after your dream, you need to become a registered nurse first. You can enroll yourself in at a course at most colleges, but you’re not limited to it. The government realizes that there is a shortage of nurses as there has been for approximately a decade, so there have been efforts to quell this from rising further. You can take courses in nursing at specialist schools, either private or government-funded programs are available. At these courses you’ll learn the industry standard as well as the national standard, so you are up-to-date with all the latest methods that hospitals expect of you.

Entry level nursing home

Working at a nursing home after you become a registered nurse is a very stable path to follow as the population is aging and living much longer than previous generations. Working with the elderly is a great way to work in a low-pressure environment and yet still, where the opportunities are plenty. At nursing homes, you’re trying to upkeep their welfare of the older generation who can’t do may think of the things they used to be able to do on their own. You’ll be working with nurses who will teach you the subtle things to look out for when a patient’s condition has worsened or improved. It’s a low-pressure environment because you’ll be working for the same patients day after day, with many many months, potentially years of service. You’ll do the regular things nurses are expected such as blood tests, monitoring fevers, making sure a nutritional diet is stuck too, etc.



Boosting up the ladder

Many nurses are expected to become leaders of their flock as well, by taking advanced courses that would allow them to become of the administrative staff. By taking an online RNBSN program, you too can get to go onto the next stage of nursing with a solid understanding of what it means to run a hospital. It prepares you to fill a leadership position so that you may deliver the very best care that is evidence-based. This kind of course also established a solid foundation from which anyone can springboard onto graduation education. The importance of these kinds of career path choices cannot be underestimated as many young nurses need an authority figure within their own field to give them guidance. A nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing can give tremendous support to doctors and surgeons. Working in a busy hospital is one of the most fulfilling routes you can take, as you receive instant gratification when you see patients growing from strength to strength.


Working directly with surgeons

It’s a given that once you become a part of the administrative team, you will be working much closer with doctors more closely. In fact, they will learn to depend on you for your skills in organization, advanced understanding of treatments, leading your team of nurses and to update them on how patients are recovering. However, you also get to work in the belly of the beast, and where all the major corrective measures are taken. You can then take additional courses like becoming a surgical nurse. You’ll be working with surgeons who will need you to prep patients and get them ready and focussed for surgery. You’ll monitor their food intake, physically prep them for surgery as well as mentally. You’ll be inside the operating theater when operations are going on, and be a valuable member of the team. You’ll monitor the patient’s vitals, and work with the surgeons to supply them with instruments and other equipment. After the operation, you’ll be working with the doctors to track how the patient is reacting to medicines applied to their bodies during the stages of healing. Altogether, it’s a very involved and fulfilling role to play, and one which is increasingly going up in demand.


Salary difference

A registered nurse with a BSN is set to have a jolt in a pay increase. The average nurse without such a degree is without question going to have a lesser salary. However, if you do have a BSN, you’re much more versatile and able to be used in many departments with the very minimal training needed. No matter which way you look at it, a nurse with a BSN is able to do everything a purely registered nurse can do and more. You’re able to fit up to and over 90 percent of jobs that are available in the nursing field all year round. Therefore you’re able to be paid up to $80,000 as opposed to around two-thirds of that figure.

Becoming a nurse isn’t just a truly selfless career path to follow, it’s a kindness to humanity. Nurses are just as important as doctors and surgeons are, and increasingly economies are starting to realize this. It’s also an incredibly fulfilling route to take and can give you many opportunities in life, and perhaps even, change it permanently for the better.

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