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Ghost Stories and Experiences in a New Aspect

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Trying to find a new aspect of the oldest of things results into quite interesting revelations. If you enjoy such things, then it is the time to explore further and discover newer things for yourself.

There are very few people in this world who don’t like ghost stories. Even people, who are afraid of listing to them, like the thrill of a ghost story in a rainy night sitting beside a flickering candle. Since the dawn of civilization, man was afraid of various things, but it is the inherent nature of a human being, what he cannot understand of explain is classified under the mysterious or supernatural category and normally initiates fear. But that is the not the head or tail of the whole thing. When man first came into existence and started to get acclimatized with the world, he was afraid of the dark.

Darkness descends and covers the earth

Darkness is such a time when the source of light is absent, he could not see anything, was unable to protect himself and his dear ones from the various threats lurking all around the jungles. In dark, he was in his most vulnerable position. Obviously that is a feeling not likable at all, but then this darkness started to take shape in different ways. From this fear of dark, the stories of ghosts, monsters and other horrors came up. Despite being so advanced, man is yet to get rid of this inherent fear for the absence of light.



Science and its explanations

Along with that, it is also to be remembered that, science is yet to find out what happens to the soul or the human being when he dies. Afterlife is still an enigma as it used to be thousands of years ago. As such a thing is still beyond explanation, it is understandable what the situation used to be when man first became aware of his mortal nature and was able to differentiate between the living and the dead. Since then, afterlife, hell, heaven and such concepts have remained extremely fascinating.


Birth of an enigma and gradual growth

All these things together have resulted into another enigma which is known as Black Magic. Magic is something which is thought to be a supernatural power and it helps a man to basically solve all his problems with ease. Magic is something that human being has been pining over for a long time. Someone who is capable of a special feat is deemed to have magic in him and according to popular belief; this magic can be used for both the benefit and harm of another. Based on the name, it is not at all tough to understand which kind of magic is used for which purpose.


Thinking out of the box for better understanding

If you are thinking in the same way, then it is time to start thinking out of the box. It is a well known and established fact by now that, man is afraid of what he cannot explain and it is one such thing. As normal human being cannot explain this, he thinks all of it is bad and is practiced by evil people, which is not at all true. According to popular fiction, there is nothing called black and white, “there is only power and those who are too weak to seek it”.

Magic, power and something more

Magic is also such a power and just like any other power it can be used both for helping and harming people. Just like a gun can be used for protecting people and keeling them as well. So, instead of being afraid of the Black Magic, try and understand it. As soon as you get a better understanding of the subject, it will become quite clear that, these rituals are time and case specific and they are governed by strict rules as well. So, in your ignorance you can think of something as bad but that does not denote that it has to be bad.

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