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Eye-Catching Glass Engraving For Awards and Trophies Made Easy With Laser

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Glass made out of heated silicon and cooled in the desired form can be fascinating in itself especially with the addition of colors or other materials. It is of little wonder that glass is a popular choice when it comes to making high-quality awards and trophies for the corporate sector, ceremonies and any occasion that you can think of. There are several ways of decorating these glass awards and trophies especially with the help of technological advances. Thus, engraving on glass can be produced with a maximum accuracy of design and color. There are also combinations that can be made use of in producing stunning engravings.


Traditional methods used

The technique of glass engraving has been in place since long, and there is ample evidence of the fine workmanship using the tools of wheels and drills.

  • Sandblasting has been another traditionally used technique by large manufacturers that have produced glass work to decorate glass and crystal awards.
  • But the most prevalent method today all around the world to produce eye-catching engravings is that of the laser.
  • There are different types of laser used to engrave glass, and they function on their frequencies.
  • Thus, a CO2 laser that actually works on the air and the moisture entrapped in the glass produces less accurate images than the normal laser.


Advantages of using laser

There are several advantages of using the laser for glass engraving on the awards and trophies that will be reflective of it’s prestige and also that of the organization giving them out.

  • The markings that the laser makes on the glass are clean and these are also fast without the need for any mask, water or a stencil.
  • There is no physical contact between the object to be engraved and the laser, and so there is no need for the rigid leveling other than the fact that the glass needs to be positioned correctly.
  • Detailed artwork, classical photographs taken by the camera or any other engraving like names and logos can be easily done by the laser on glass.
  • The professionals engaged in the trade will be able to take care of it all using the multiple processes as well as materials.


Using for bulk production

The best type of glass that produces quality laser engraving are the common glass without any metals added to them though colored glass can take on the engraving.

  • Despite this, laser engraving is the preferred method because it produces quick engravings of the most complicated CAD or 3D designs over a fraction of the period that the traditional sandblasting and the stencil method will take.
  • When you have to make bulk corporate awards and trophies as gifts and mementos like the New Year, Christmas or other public occasions, you will be able to procure quality engravings at a fraction of a cost incurred by traditional methods.
  • Modern trophies and awards have complex shapes that can be easily engraved by the laser that would otherwise be difficult to handle by other traditional methods.


Use of precise technology

You can make your awards with the glass engraving as simple or as complicated as you wish them to be. The use of the graphics allows the input of nameplates in a template that can be modified at the necessary places to produce the engraved glass awards for several students of a university in almost no time. Professional companies that deal with such engraving make use of the precision technology like the dual laser configuration and the super speed of the laser for quality work. Use of the precise camera with high-power focusing and the proper alignment of the laser platforms all work together to produce stunning engravings. So, give appreciate the appealing one by giving best glass Engraved awards and trophies, which have a greater meaning and are better at recognizing top performers!

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