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What Goes into a Memorable Website?

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What exactly goes into a memorable website? If it were that easy to tell you, then almost every website in the world would be a memorable one that’s capable of drawing in massive crowds and sticking in the minds of every visitor. Sadly, not every website is memorable, and that’s perhaps the main reason why we have easy access to bookmarks nowadays. However, there are some websites on the internet that are just so easy to remember and so simple to type that they become hard to forget. Websites such as Google are easily remembered due to how simple it is to type, how easy it is use and its purpose. Other websites, such as Reddit, have an easy-to-say name that simply rolls off the tongue, making it easy to remember. But how can you take advantage of this and create an amazing website?

An Eye-Catching Logo

One of the first things you have to think about (even before your brand name, in some cases) is how to create a beautiful eye-catching logo. The first thing you should do is use inspiration from other websites. Almost every website has some kind of logo that they display on some part of the screen. They use big and bright colours, their logo designs are often very simple and they usually don’t require much work to replicate on paper. This is usually the sign of a unique and fun logo that can easily be spotted. You want to stand out, but you also want it to be somewhat symbolic of what you represent. For instance, the iconic Target brand is simply just a red bullseye target with the word “Target” underneath it.


An easy-to-remember name

Of all the trendy domain names available, it seems like the most popular are the ones that roll off the tongue or are short enough to be said in just two syllables. You should also try to ensure that your brand name is suitable for the web. If you use a simple word that will get millions of hits, then your business likely won’t be very visible. However, if you use a word that is unique to your business, then it stands out from the crowd and makes it much easier for people to find out about your business should they hear about it on the internet or over the radio. In short, keep it simple, make it snappy, and try not to make it too generic by standing out from the crowd.



Consider minimalism

Keeping your website nice and simple will draw in a lot of readers. Since a lot of people use their phones for internet access, you want to have as little information as possible on the screen while still being informative. Remove as much website fluff as possible, have a small and minimalistic design to fit the smaller form factor, and you’ll be surprised at how much navigate your website. Minimalism can sometimes be seen as pretentious, but as long as all of the relevant information is there, you should be fine and your website will likely stand out.


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