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How to Grow Your Blog with Facebook and Twitter

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Having a successful blog isn’t something that comes overnight and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to capture your audience’s attention. Though many believe that it isn’t that very difficult to promote your blog and make it noticed, the practice offers a different reality. There are many channels through which you can make your content more visible and using social networks to your advantage is the best thing you can do, if you do it properly.

Facebook and Twitter remain the best social media to promote your content on, no matter what your line of writing is and who your targeted audience is. These two social media platforms are the among the largest ones and have the most varied members, meaning that you won’t have a problem finding people who are interested in what you write, as long as the content is useful and well written. However, you have to be smart when it comes to growing your blog through Facebook and Twitter and there are some tips to help you along the way.


#1: Find Your Targeted Audience

If you’re starting to grow your blog from the scratch, then it is very important to know who will be most interested in what you’re writing about. Of course, you want the whole world to know your work, but you have to start from somewhere, so narrow down your targeted audience and then work your way up. Also, don’t rush and open five social media accounts at the same time, this isn’t a very productive strategy, seeing that you will spend too much time on them and the results will be insignificant. Starting with Facebook and Twitter is just enough to get you started; you will gain both followers and experience to help you on other social networks. If your blog becomes more professional and industry oriented, you can always open a LinkedIn account and if it becomes more visual and artistic then think about getting an Instagram or Pinterest account.



#2: Choose Your Post Time Wisely

When promoting your blog, you want your readers to take the time and read your content with interest. Naturally, this depends on how much you can make your content appealing but the time when you post it is of crucial importance as well. Peak times to post your new content varies from network to network, and it also changes slightly from country to country, but you can’t go wrong with posting around lunchtime and right after most people get off work. There are also days that are better for promoting your blog, like on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and after 8 p.m. on weekends. There are no general rules that will guarantee you success, but these guidelines can serve you as a starting point, and later you can tweak it as much as you want.


#3: Repost Your Content and Share Snippets

In the beginning, you won’t have that many followers, but you will regularly write posts nonetheless. Once your blog starts gaining popularity, your latest posts will be the ones getting all the attention, but you shouldn’t let the older ones be forgotten, especially if they were really good. It’s a good idea to repost older content, for which you think would do well, but there are a few tricks in refreshing it.

  • First, choose the posts that are most eligible for reposting and read them again to decide what title would be most fitting.
  • Second, think about altering the title of the post. You don’t have to change it completely, but rather come up with a few variations that will most likely engage your followers.

Finally, you don’t have to share your whole blog post; you can just pick a snippet and share it on your account in the form of an advice. You can also share snippets for the topics that are interesting, but not interesting enough to write a whole post about it.


#4: Contact Influencers to Share Your Post

Having a strong list of contacts that will gladly share your writing is one the best things you can have in your arsenal, but it takes a time to develop a relationship with influencers in your niche. This is where your friends and acquaintances come in. You can private message them and ask if they would share your content if they find it interesting and useful. In the meantime, you can start conversations with influencers that you believe could promote your work and see if they would do it. If you want to be smart about it, follow their work regularly, like and share it on your page if it is relevant for your topics, and chances are they will share your content with their followers as well. You will also want to be available for both influencers and your followers as much as you can, but that often requires using public networks, which are very unsafe and put you in danger of being hacked. You don’t want to deal with someone stealing your private information or access to your blog, so it would be wise to protect yourself with Express VPN, which will encrypt all your internet activity, making it impossible for cyber criminals to get to you.


#5: Don’t Shy Away From #Hashtags

Truth be told, people using a bunch of hashtags with their every post are mostly annoying and worthy of an eye-roll. However, if used wisely, hashtags can be of great help in growing your blog on Facebook and especially on Twitter, but there are some points to note. Don’t just slap on any hashtag that comes to mind, but do your research and find out which are the most used tags for your niche. Also, try to find hashtags that are the topic of your posts, so that they look relevant. Once you’ve decided which hashtags you want to use, schedule posts with them, but no more than three at a time, so that your posts don’t appear obnoxious.


#6: Know When to Stop

This is something that many bloggers don’t realize until it’s too late and they start losing followers. While your pages on social networks exist primarily so that you can promote your blog, bombarding your followers with your content and urging them to read it will only be counterproductive and people won’t like it. Instead of being needy of their attention, share other content too, like other people’s posts or anything else that can educational or fun for your readers.

Growing your blog through social networks isn’t easy, but it can be fun if you decide to see it as a social experiment, as well as your opportunity to shine. Don’t be afraid to improvise, feel free to let go of the “rules” if it feels right and experiment to come up with your own strategy for promoting your blog.

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