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Growing Your Business: When Is The Best Time To Expand?

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As a new business owner, you probably dream of expanding and dominating the market. It can take a long time to reach this point, and there are lots of things to consider before you take the next step. Here are some key signs that it’s a good time to grow your business.

#1: Increased demand

Is the demand for your products or services increasing steadily? Are you rushed off your feet, struggling to complete orders on time or even turning clients away? If there’s a growing demand for your business, this is an excellent sign. Before you expand, make sure you have the logistics sorted, and the finances available to reinvest. You may need to increase operations and employ new members of staff. It’s essential to offset increased revenues against added running costs. You also need to make sure you have the capacity to cope with new orders before you open the doors to new customers. The last thing you want is to let people down or have orders backing up.


#2: Market growth

Have you received interest from a wider range of clients or requests from overseas? If you’ve noticed growth in the domestic market, and there is interest from abroad, it may be worth considering branching out. If you can tap into international markets, this could be incredibly lucrative. Think about how you’re going to implement strategies in different countries. Work out fabrication and distribution agreements, and consider the best ways to serve customers living overseas. You may decide to keep production at home and export or establish a factory and supply network abroad. If you’re selling calibration gas to shipping companies, for example, you could consider opening distribution hubs in busy ports. Look at all your options, and see which solutions are most efficient and cost-effective.



#3: Anticipating trends

If you’ve already achieved success with one product, it’s always beneficial to keep your eyes peeled for clues about upcoming trends. If you can anticipate trends, it’s worth investing in new products, and trying to cater for the market before your competitors catch on. This is particularly important in the retail sector. Read blogs, keep an eye on magazines, and pay attention to social media.


#4: Generating profits

It can take time for a new company to become profitable. If you’re in the black, and your sales figures are promising, reinvesting in your business is the next logical step. Before you plow more money into the company, seek advice from financial experts. They can help you to determine the safest way to grow the business without putting yourself at risk.


If you’re a new business owner, you dream of getting to the stage when you can expand, and start making an even bigger splash. Sometimes, there’s a risk of getting carried away and trying to run before you walk, or leaving it too late and watching the ship sail by. You need to consider timing carefully. Hopefully, these tips will help you determine when it’s the best time for you to grow your business.

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