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A Guide to Choosing the Best CMS Out Of Two- WordPress or ModX

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Like a car cannot run without an engine similarly one cannot imagine a website without content management system. Owing to such necessity, content management systems are commonly referred to as the backbone of the site functioning to regulate the content and other different functionalities. Out of the total CMS usage, WordPress, the widely used CMS accounts to 27% wherein the other CMS’s sum up to 56% which clearly shows the popularity of WordPress atop others functions the same features.

However let’s discuss about the two exceptionally built, feature-rich and powerful CMS’s – WordPress and ModX. Both of these CMS’s are extremely popular, have been categorized as the most-sought after ones.

In order to get a fair idea, let’s discuss both the CMS’s in detail


WordPress- A Leading Name in CMS League

WordPress is a globally reckoned content management system that is fervently used by over 25% of the total websites these days. All credit goes to its matchless functionality and simplified usage that have simply made WordPress the king of all CMS’s. Being established only as the blogging platform in the beginning, WordPress was soon optimized to function as a fully functional content management system. Now it lets you build something out of the box, something just more than blogs.


The ease of development and customization is what actually led to such a huge popularity of WordPress. A number of creative themes, templates and plugins can be easily integrated into this robust framework that would help in adding to the functionality of this site. Moreover, its open-source functionality is another magnificent feature of this remarkable web development platform. As known, WordPress was only used as a blogging platform in the beginning which later leveraged to building websites, E-commerce portals, etc. with the help of numerous add-ons.

Although one cannot deny that WordPress holds its forte in blogging but it is equally competent in web design and development. A number of developers have already utilized the matchless functionality of this platform to create growth-specific and future-oriented web solutions. Matchless flexibility, scalability, responsiveness, and SEO-friendliness are some major perks of using this impeccable platform. All businessmen, whether small or large scale, are actively opting for using WordPress as a reliable marketing strategy capable of bringing in more business in terms of clients, ROI and ranking.

Glimpse Of The Major Advantages To Using WordPress

WordPress possess an active support of the dedicated community that constantly strives to deliver exemplary web solutions.

WordPress proffers an intuitive admin control which is longed by every webmaster during customization and other web development processes. You need no profound technical knowledge to work on this platform as it is so easy to understand and implement.


It bestows the best features a blogging cum web development platform can offer

Update is never an issue with WordPress as it is updated timely with the support of a dedicated team of WordPress community.

Scope of WordPress

WordPress can be diligently used for –

  • All content oriented websites of any news or magazines
  • Blogging websites
  • Business website (both enterprise and small-scale)
  • Forum websites

And last but not least, E-commerce websites

ModX: An Influential Name In The List Of Top CMS’s

ModX is a revolutionary content management platform for all creatives who are unwilling to compromise on creativity and functionality. Whosoever utilizes this platform gets complete control over the site development including its scalability, flexibility and other important functionalities.


The matchless functionality of ModX is what requires a business website to sustain amid the stiff competition. Such a platform allows creative site authors to build the innovative web solutions that match the requisites of the client as well as business. It renders much-needed scope of design and development for developers that helps them producing websites that are high on creativity and exclusivity providing an amazing user experience. Being written in PHP language and backed by MySQL database, ModX is perfectly fit for developing websites that are high on customization.

This award-winning CMS needs no introduction in the web industry as it is already popular for its exquisite functioning. The validated codes used in the development of this CMS deliver authorized web solutions whenever used. Some big names like design delux, mademyday.com, Toasted Digital, etc. have also figured out its potential for building a powerful enterprise establishment over the web. Day by day the competition is rising among developers and businesses for attaining exclusivity on the web. Web platforms like ModX have significantly played a major role in leveraging creativity to exclusivity.

Glimpses of the Major Advantages To Using ModX

Building diversified kinds of websites is an added advantage of this platform. Just like add-ons available with WordPress, a numerous Extras are available with ModX that help in extending its functionality to create creatively-enhanced websites. The easy to understand functioning and programming of ModX are the best things a developer can get. Using ModX, you can create a simple blogging website as well as a complex enterprise-wide website effectively.

  • Webmaster gets the complete control over the website’s core functionality
  • A CMS which is both user and designer-friendly
  • Written is general-purpose PHP language, thus facilitating global developers for an easier web development process
    No limitation to designing, theming and development unlike some other CMS’s
  • A secured and authorized web development platform
  • Supports a wide range of Extras (Plugins) to meticulously serve the purpose of client’s and their business requisites

Scope Of ModX

ModX works proficiently to build:

  • Fully customized websites proffering an easy to control CMS
  • Hefty websites designed to feature multiple functions



Both WordPress and ModX are capable of serving as a reliable CMS for web design and development. Such software is typically designed to simplify the work of businessmen looking forward to creating the presence of their business over web. Consider the advantages and benefits of all these platforms and choose the one that best suits your business perspectives. Do not forget to hire a professional web development company or a web developer based on your business requisites and expenses.

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