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Guide for Fixing a Blocked Toilet in the UK

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Think of incidents that can be more horrifying than a blocked toilet. Well, there may be very few, isn’t it? Most of the time, it’s a build-up of toilet paper, sanitary pads or any other foreign object inside the drainage pipe which is obstructing the normal functioning of your toilet; and in some cases it can be some other thing developing down the pipe.

In this post, I will share to you some time-tested practices that have been adapted by many households in the UK to unblock blocked toilet. However, before i begin with my 3-step guide on how to unblock your blocked toilet, there are some prerequisites that you need to consider before starting out with any of the tips mentioned below. Wondering what are they? Read on.

  • Don’t use flush until blockage is removed. Just flush it once and if you find water isn’t going down the pipe, don’t use flush again. Else you will see toilet overflowing with dirty water which can produce nasty smells and create an unpleasant sight in your house.
  • If you are aware where main valve of water supply located in the bathroom is, you can turn it off for a while.
  • Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves and mask your eyes while dealing with a clogged toilet. You can also keep some newspapers or not-so-useful towels handy in the toilet area, if there is any sudden overflow.

Now without further ado, let’s begin with our 3-step guide to unblocking blocked toilet.



Make Use Of Chemical Cleaners

The first and foremost thing you can do is use your toilet cleaner to loose and remove the blockage. You will have to be little patient and allow a reasonable amount of time to chemicals show their results.

  • Hot water and utensil cleaning soap/liquid: If you don’t have a toilet cleaner in your home, you can try using dish cleaning liquid or shop along with hot water to remove the clog. Once you pour boiling water and a tablespoon of dish soap in the toilet bowl, wait for 10-15 minutes to let them work on the build-up inside the pipe. Then, you can add tap water to check if the clog is removed.
  • Baking soda and Vinegar: You may have studied about the explosive reaction of these two chemicals in your school days. You can benefit of the physical properties of these two chemicals, which are available in most households these days, to unblock your blocked toilet. First add half a bowl of baking soda in the toilet bowl, and then add several drops of baking soda until you start watching bubbles. Wait for 30 minutes before you add hot water into the bowl. You can also repeat the process for 2-3 times, if there is need to.
  • Strong toilet cleaners: If you don’t have one in your home, you will find it in a local supermarket or at a grocery store. Ideal cleaning services will give you a perfect commercial toilet cleaners contain strong chemicals that can loosen the build-up and make your toilet drain running again.

Make Use Of Specific Tools

If above chemicals fail to results, there are several tools that can help you remove the clog out of your toilet drain.

  • Plunger: Here it is important that you have a correct plunger available. The one with flat bottom is used for unblocking sinks, not toilet. You will need to find one which is designed for toilet unblocking. Toilet plunger features an extended part in its bottom. Use the plunger to build pressure over the blockage and you can also use hot water during the operation to make the clog loosen its grip.
  • Plumbing snake: If a plunger fails to do the job, you can use more efficient tool known as a plumbing snake. Insert the wire end of the snake into the toilet drain until it reaches the blockage, then twist the wire in a manner it can pull out the clog or break it into pieces that can easily drain with water.

Call a Toilet Unblocking Specialist

If your DIY attempts don’t work out or when you doubt if you know how to use toilet unblocking tools correctly, calling a professional drain unblocking company makes a right decision. Toilet unblocking professional have the right tools and skills to clear any tough blockage in least time with minimal inconvenience caused to residents.

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