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The Definitive Guide To Transforming A Website Into A Successful Online Store

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By now, every entrepreneur should appreciate the importance of their company website. Quite frankly, it’s the greatest marketing tool at your disposal, and it can have a telling impact on your offline sales. With the right strategies in place, though, it could also unlock the door to the potentially lucrative online audience.

So, how do you turn a basic website into a source of sales? The following 11 point plan will reveal all.

#1: Ensure the website carries a winning design. If you’re not a natural graphic designer, you can find winning ecommerce templates at WordPress and other hosting platforms. This is essentially your shop floor and must excite customers. Get the color schemes and logos right, and you won’t go far wrong.


#2: Make all contact details easily accessed by the visitor. Trust has a major influence on a consumer’s decisions. So, if it looks like you are hiding those details, it can seem that you have a reason for doing this. Have a clear contact section that shows your addresses and telephone details. With those fears put to bed, customers will be far less likely to doubt your business.

#3: Invest in making the company website stand out on Google. A strong SEO strategy will put your business on the first page of results. Not only does this boost your hopes of gaining increased traffic. It also provides the venture with a professional appearance, underlining its authority in the field. This in itself can encourage increased sales.

#4: Go the extra mile to create compelling content. Engaging product descriptions, supported by killer photographs, can have a telling impact. You only get a few seconds to plant the seeds of interest. It may take weeks until that grows into a purchase. Still, if you miss the early opportunities, they might never return to your site. And that’s a lost sale.



#5: Find a translator or software that can make your website multilingual. Not only does this give you the option to target consumers in new territories. But it can also make clients who have English as a second language feel more comfortable and assured with their purchases. On a separate note, providing a service in several languages can make the company look bigger and more experienced.

#6: Realize that over 50% of online interactions take place via handheld devices like iPads and smartphones. With this in mind, the only suitable response is to ensure that the website is fully optimized for mobile browsers. In truth, you should probably launch an App too. Failure to do this could limit your potential reach by over half. As a business owner, it shouldn’t be hard to see why that isn’t suitable.

#7: Encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters. Sending regular emails is a great way to advertise the company and its products in a soft approach. Use automated streams with timed offers to slowly edge them towards making a decision. It might not always go your way, but it will almost certainly improve your overall sales figures. Use e-greetings cards to show your appreciation too.

#8: Use testimonials to build trust as impartial views of happy customers will inspire confidence. The power of recommendation is far more powerful than any single ad campaign, and you should not forget this. With this in mind, you may want to establish a referral rewards scheme. When existing customers start doing the difficult recruitment on your behalf, success is assured.

#9: Keep every aspect of the operation protected. Using Trusted Identity as a Service keeps you, the customers, and employees in a safer position. Given that fraudulent digital activity is one the rise, stamping out this danger is vital. Meanwhile, working in the cloud with backup versions of the website ready and waiting should go a long way to helping too.

#10: Don’t be afraid to sell on other platforms too. Places like Amazon and eBay boast far bigger audiences than your website. As such, setting up a store on those websites could be the key to opening the door to far larger client bases. Give them a positive experience of your business through those third parties, and they’ll soon bring their customers directly to your site.


#11: Choose the right packaging and delivery services. The execution of getting products to the customer in the best possible condition is central to online success. Otherwise, you could find that your business is hit with returned goods and unsatisfied customers. Following all the hard work during the process of gaining those sales, this outcome would be nothing short of a nightmare.

Follow those 11 simple tips, and your website will be performing to its full potential in no time. Assuming your products are equally brilliant, the e-store should become your greatest asset.

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