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Are You Guilty Of Wanting A Legal Career?

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So you’re interested in a career in law are you? Sorely tempted by bringing justice to all, as well as putting on the sleek black robes and the fancy wig? And what area of law are you looking at? Well in this short blog, let’s try and help you come to these important decisions.

We aren’t going to lie to you. It’s a difficult process. You may feel downbeat and slightly depressed at times due to all the paperwork, examinations and all the travelling about, but in the end, by God it’s worth it. You’ll earn a big wage and have respect coming out of your ears.


Say you’re tempted by becoming a barrister? If that’s a yes, then you have to build up all that specialist knowledge you have achieved, by doing a lot of pre-research into the specific case you’ve been assigned to as well as others linked to it. You must also have had prior experience of the court atmosphere. Nobody will employ a maverick. Furthermore, you need to be a good debater, opinionated and strong willed especially when cross referencing the witness. Whatever area of law you are interested in, be it criminal law, family law or working as a workers compensation attorney, you need to be prepared for everything. No two days will be the same and expect the unexpected.


A solicitor has a different job in the court. They will do a lot of work behind the scenes, interviewing and advising clients on to whether they have a legitimate case or not. They will need to trust you completely. If they do, they are likely to disclose all information about what has happened. In court, a solicitor may try and arrange an early financial settlement and get the best deal for their client, however they leave a lot of the court proceedings to the barristers who are professionally trained in this field. Moreover, paperwork needs to be completed and there is a lot of it as you have to sort out your client’s paperwork and review that of your colleagues and again, research is absolutely compulsory. Imagine being unprepared in court! The embarrassment would be incredible.


If you’re not interested in the pressure of these positions, then why not try your luck as a legal executive or as a paralegal. You can become a paralegal straight from completing your apprenticeship, however work experience and extensive legal knowledge are expected as you will have to prepare important documents and travel around meeting an array of clients. Although the wage is significantly lower, it’s a good stepping stone in what could be a very prosperous legal career. Likewise, a legal executive needs to prepare documents but also need to be qualified in a special area of law, some of which were mentioned before. If you train for this position, you will focus specifically on this area, writing to clients and drawing up contracts.

Working in the legal system has its great benefits but only if you’re ready to take the rough with the smooth. So if you’re still interested, why not take that leap of faith and challenge yourself?

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