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Handy Health Hints

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People are always on the lookout for changes they can make to their lifestyle to improve their health and wellbeing. With such a plethora of advice available all over the place, it can be very difficult to know exactly where to start. Here’s a bit of general advice you can follow if you are planning on living a healthier lifestyle.

Start By Making Small Changes

So many people start with a complete lifestyle change that is totally overwhelming. They vow to cut out sugar altogether, go to the gym every day or starve themselves by totally restricting their calorie intake. This kind of change is far too big to manage all in one go and more often than not, the person ends up going back to their old ways pretty quickly. Not only this, they can end up doing harm to their body by changing too much, too quickly.

It’s much better to set yourself smaller, more manageable goals and ignoring the fake health information that you are constantly being bombarded with. Start off by running once or twice a week, and once you have got into a routine, gradually up your distance. If you have a mid-morning snack every day at work, change it from a chocolate bar to a piece of fruit. The most important thing is to make this a part of your lifestyle so that it becomes second nature and then you can build on this.



Make A Shopping List

Only go to the supermarket when you have a clear idea of what you are going to buy. Write out a list and stick to it as this will stop you picking up those impulse buys that you really don’t need. Plan out all your meals in advance, and you can focus on making healthier choices rather than going straight to the frozen food aisle. Also, never go to the supermarket when you are hungry as you will inevitably pick up anything that catches your eye!


Get Out Of A ‘Treat’ Mentality

Okay, it is nice to treat yourself once in a while but if it becomes too regular, it takes away the point. People end up rewarding themselves after a long day at work, a good session at the gym or a myriad of other reasons. Try to scale back on these treats, which often end up being high-calorie food or alcohol, and the times you do decide to have something special will be all the more rewarding.


Drink More Water

This is a good one for even the healthiest of us, especially during the winter months when it’s easy to forget to drink enough. Replacing sugary soft drinks and fruit juices with water is great for your skin, your body and your overall well-being. If water is a little boring for you, there are a range of different flavouring options available which are a better alternative to something with several teaspoons of sugar already added in.


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