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Happy Days: The Best Apps For Android

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The battle has raged on for years and years, but it doesn’t look like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android will truly lay the digital smackdown on one another to rise to the top of the pile in terms of mobile operating systems.

For the true geek, Android has always offered a better option. That’s no put-down to Apple, but they bolt up their software with some serious defenses. Android, on the other hand, be rooted and fully customizable. APK’s can be downloaded from the internet, meaning almost anyone can create an app – for that reason, we are going to dive deep into the glorious world of Android apps. Let’s see what’s on offer!

The most obvious one is Google Pay – this links up with the Near-Field Communication tech in your phone to transform your mobile into a contactless payment device. There’s a bunch of neat security features and you’re notified of each and every single payment made with the phone – it’s easier than rooting around for your battered debit card. You can even link it to your loyalty cards, meaning your pockets won’t be full of plastic!


Showbox is a fantastic app that can fulfill all your entertainment needs – whether it be sitting on your sofa and bringing TV shows, to snuggling up in bed watching a film. Visit their website for more information.


It sounds incredibly boring, but a good file browser is going to save you a ton of time scouting your phone for files and data. Solid File Explorer uses Google’s themes and looks as good as a stock app from Android. Also on the boring side – look into anti-virus to protect your data. Avast and AVG offer free options so you can scan your phone for viruses with ease.

If you’re not lucky enough to operate on an unlimited mobile internet data plan – consider giving the Opera Browser a run. Opera Max can crunch down the amount of data that your mobile browser uses and is probably a better option on the go than Google Chrome.


If you’re looking to get into shape this year, there are some great fitness apps on Android. Track your nutrition data with MyFitnessPal which has a vast database of goods, so you know exactly what you are consuming. Runtastic can keep a great track of your run and Bounts can even pay you to keep fit! If you want a really interesting app for running, Zombies, Run! Is a fantastic app that emulates a zombie chase to help you run even faster!

IF is a fantastic app that can automate everything on your phone. Going out for a run? It can turn Runtastic on. It can automatically upload your photos to cloud storage. Operating on ‘recipes’ you can automate everything and anything!

There’s plenty of apps for every need. Delve into your interests and find what works best for you and your career!

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