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Health Issues You Will Have to Contend With as You Reach Middle Age

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As you approach middle age, you will find that your health and well-being becomes more of an issue. You’re going to be more susceptible to injury and illness as you become older. And you need to be aware of what is putting your health at risk so you can work out how to combat it. Check out these health issues you will face, and how to address them.

#1: Weight Gain

Many people will suffer from weight gain as they get older. This is natural because we tend to be less active. So, you need to ensure that you try to stay active as much as possible. This will help keep your weight down and ensure you stay in good shape. Set yourself weight loss goals, and try to work keeping fit into your schedule as much as you can. Weight gain is something you need to try to guard against to make sure you stay healthy as much as possible.

#2: Depression

Depression is one of the most serious and debilitating illnesses to affect us. And it’s something that is often brushed under the carpet. You have to make sure you don’t ignore or hide your depression. Major depression is thought to develop most commonly at the ages of around 32-33. So this is something you need to keep an eye out for. Depression, anxiety, and all manner of mental illnesses are important to treat and address. You should never be ashamed of suffering from depression, and you definitely should speak to someone about it.



#3: Low Energy Levels

One of the things you need to prepare for as you get older is the fact that your energy levels are going to decrease. You might find yourself a lot more lethargic and tired all the time. This is going to make it difficult for you to get out and do things you need or want to do. Lower energy levels can make it more difficult to exercise and stay in shape. Now, you need to consider how you’re going to deal with this problem. Getting the appropriate amount of rest, and eating well helps. You may also consider help through things like Build the Muscle – top testosterone. This sort of thing will help perk you up, and diminish your levels of tiredness.

#4: Insomnia

As we get older, our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms change. And we often wind up sleeping less. This is sometimes due to work and the craziness of our schedules. The problem is that a lack of proper sleep can sometimes develop into more serious conditions, such as insomnia. Insomnia can be really debilitating and demobilizing for sufferers. You feel tired all the time, and yet you are unable to sleep. Oddly, over 30% of the population suffers from insomnia, which implies it could be brought on by lifestyle or other factors. You need to get to the doctors as soon as you are experiencing issues with insomnia, and get the problem seen to. The sooner you’re back sleeping well the better you will feel, and life will return to normal.

#5: Stress

All of us will encounter stress at some point in our lives. And, it seems that when we hit middle age, we tend to become more stressed about things. Think about the sources of stress in your life and how you can combat them. Often you will find that your career can cause you the most amount of stress. Indeed, the American Institute of Stress reveals that 40% of workers claim their job is extremely stressful. You have no idea how much damage non-treated stress can cause to you. So this is something you need to get sorted out as soon as possible.


#6: Chronic Conditions

It’s not pleasant to think about, but a lot of us will experience some form of chronic condition once we pass middle age. These are long-lasting and potential serious illnesses that can affect our lives in negative ways. Things like cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes are all chronic health conditions. You have to consider the impact these will have on you, and think about life after a diagnosis. There are plenty of people with chronic illnesses who have just as good a quality of life as anyone else. It’s just a case of conditioning and treating the illness, so it doesn’t take over your life and impact you in a negative way.

#7: Sight Problems

Another thing that a lot of people who reach middle age experience is problems with their sight. Now, this isn’t just something that affects older people. But, as you reach middle age your body starts to function at a lower level to what it did in your youth. As such, things like sight problems become more common. 148 million adults in the US wear prescription eyewear of some sort. So, there is a lot of choices if you are experiencing any sort of visual impairment. But, this is something you have to make sure you get sorted out as soon as possible. You don’t want to ignore vision problems and wait for them to get worse.


#8: Hearing Loss

As we become older, our hearing starts to diminish. You might have seen this start in your parents gradually. You probably have a while to wait before it becomes bad for you, but you do need to prepare for the fact that it’s only going to be downhill from here. Around 20% of Americans experience some form of hearing loss, and this increases significantly when you reach 65. It’s important to make sure you prepare for the possibility of hearing loss. And, if you feel like you are experiencing any form of hearing problems you need to go to the doctor. This is something that has to be dealt with as soon as possible before it becomes worse. As you get older you might need to use a hearing aid, but, while you’re still young, there may be exercises you can do to improve your hearing.

Bear in mind that as you get older, your physical and mental health will naturally diminish. You will find yourself more vulnerable and susceptible to injury and sickness. But, there is plenty you can do to keep yourself taken care of as much as possible. Understand what the primary health issues are that you will face when you become older. That way you can deal with trying to combat these issues and enjoy a healthier life.

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One Comment

  1. HacktoSleep

    November 10, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Some good points here.

    What’s interesting is that many of the points you mention seem inherently tied to living a fast and furious life with no time to unwind. Stress, low energy, insomnia, depression… not to say they can be avoided, but they can certainly be managed effectively.

    I think one of the best agents is to simply find time for yourself:

    Meditate, do yoga, set up a regular gym session.

    There aren’t many middle age problems that can’t be helped by exercise and meditation, imo.


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