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Healthy Eating Going Gluten – Free

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When anyone finds out they are allergic to gluten, the protein found in wheat and some other grains, there is initially a shock of thinking, “what am I going to eat?” At that moment, it becomes clear just how much wheat is being consumed. No wonder you were having digestive problems, allergies, and rashes. When you are allergic to gluten, the presence of it in the diet alone can cause serious damage to the intestines and other digestive organs.

Reactions to Gluten

What makes it all worse is when gluten gets into the blood from a situation called “leaky gut syndrome”. This is a problem in which the small intestines and the colon have lesions in them from all the food stress. Think about how you get a rash on your skin from touching something you are allergic to. A great example is poison ivy. The rash is similar to what you would get on the inside from eating wheat.


The good news is that there is plenty of help. While medical doctors can only do so much, you will soon discover that some effective and safe herbs such as hemp can be helpful. As you stop eating the gluten and switch to healthier foods you are not allergic to, healing needs to occur and pain should be relieved.


Hemp can help can help with that pain and it’s easy to incorporate into any diet with CBD extract. There is more to learn from informative sites like American Hemp Oil which will direct you to the best CBD. Many people find relief with this basic hemp extract. CBD is not psychoactive like the THC found in marijuana. The two plants may look the same, but they are entirely different. Hemp produces very low THC, not even enough to create the slightest high.

Living Gluten-Free

Since you don’t exactly have the proper diet down yet, it will be good to get a clear idea of what foods contain gluten. This does not have to be confusing. Read the labels on packaged foods. Usually, they will have a label which reads “gluten-free” but it may not. With the gluten-free label, you can eat it safely and CBD will help with healing.

Know the foods that contain gluten in large amounts. For the record, wheat is the primary source of gluten. Spelt is not a substitute because it also has the protein of gluten. Barley has it as well. Buckwheat is debatable, but it is usually tolerated just fine and does not truly have gluten.


You will be happy to know that plenty of gluten alternative foods are out on the markets and they all carry the big, noticeable label reading “gluten-free” on the package. There are crackers, bread, cookies, and all sorts of prepared foods that are excellent to eat but don’t have any gluten.

To be on the safe side, always read the labels on food packages. You would be surprised at the number of different foods that have something from wheat as part of the ingredients. Amazingly, many meat substitutes are made from gluten.

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