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Heat Loss: The Biggest Culprits in Your Home

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The colder weather is beginning to draw in. So, if you want to save a serious amount of cash this winter, preventing heat loss should be your number one priority. The average home – particularly older properties – loses a lot of the heat produced by your central heating. And that means you are – quite literally – burning money. In today’s guide, we’re going to reveal the biggest culprits of heat loss in your house, and suggest a few solutions for you. Let’s start plugging those gaps and saving you a small fortune in heating bills this winter.

#1: The basics

Heat loss will occur in any home, of course. But the idea here is to minimize the losses as much as possible. In simple terms, your heat production must be greater than the amount of heat you lose. So, the more you can plug up those gaps, the less energy you need, and the smaller your bills will be. But what are the biggest culprits that are costing you so much money?

#2: Open doors and windows

While your home build quality is a big factor, one of the easiest fixes you can do straight away is to start being careful about closing doors and windows. It is just too easy for heat to escape when you aren’t taking these basic steps. Gaps between the door and door frame and around the windows are another issue. Plug them up with filler, or invest in a few draft excluders and you should notice an immediate difference.



#3: Insulate your windows and doors

Of course, your windows and doors can still lose heat, regardless of how often you shut them. Consider installing double or triple glazed windows. Both should have a significant impact on your heat loss.

#4: The roof

Is your loft space insulated? If not, it should be, as a quarter of the heat you generate can escape through the roof. Roof insulation is not expensive, so seek out a local supplier and buy enough to cover your entire loft floor and roof. Use insulation adhesives to ensure it sticks, and don’t forget to insulate your water tanks if they reside in your loft, too.


#5: The walls

Walls can lose an incredible 35% of your home’s heat. So, consider investing in cavity wall insulation to plug up every gap between the internal and external materials. Cavity wall insulation reduces the amount of heat loss through the walls. You can improve things further by using insulation boards on your inside walls, too.

#6: The floor

Although heat rises, don’t be fooled that your floor can do without insulation. There is a lot of cold air between your floorboards and the ground, and all of it can enter your home and reduce the temperature of your home. There are plenty of floor insulation solutions out there, so discuss your needs with an insulation specialist.

OK, so there you have it – the biggest culprits of heat loss in your home. Although fixing these issues will cost a little money, you will make it all back from the savings you’ll make on your utility bills.

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