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Help! I Hate My Job

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Imagine the scene. It’s Monday morning. You manage to lift your head from your pillow as the alarm clock vibrates next to you. Your mind slowly adjusts to the fact that you need to get up for work. How do you feel? Ecstatic, because you love your job and weekends just get in the way? Or are you filled with dread? The prospect of a long commute to a job you hate makes you want to bury your head under the bed sheets.

If you are finding your job stressful, it could be time to have a rethink about where your life is heading. Life is too short to spend our days in a job that depresses us. There are a variety of reasons as to why you hate your job. Perhaps a colleague is a bullying jerk; your boss may be overbearing; you may feel you are not being used to your full potential and you could be better used elsewhere.

It may be that you have recently lost your job and you have been thrown back out into the job market. It is especially hard once you have reached an advanced age and you are competing with people younger than you.



So what should you do? The first step is to find some career coaching, people whose job it is to put you on the right path to finding new employment. They will help you make a new resume, give you guidance for job interviews and help you know what the job market is like in the field in which you have interest. You may need to retrain and gain new qualifications as you change your career. This doesn’t have to be a burden; a little education does nobody any harm.

Alternatively, you could consider self-employment. This is a risky proposition, and you should take advice first, but many people are finding this a viable option. You may have a particular skill, such as baking, dressmaking or carpentry. These are things you may love doing, so why not consider setting up a website, or using Amazon or eBay as examples, and start selling your wares.


If you are unemployed or have spare time when not at work, why not get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps you have a novel or screenplay in you, and your fingers are just itching to write something. If writing isn’t your thing, then how about painting, acting, singing or playing music. Use your downtime to enjoy the activities you love and who knows, one day you may become famous, enabling you to earn lots of money in the process.

Whatever you decide to do with your life, take care of yourself. If work is causing you anxiety and depression, share how you are feeling with family and friends. Seek help from a medical professional, and get the help you need. There may be even counseling available at your workplace. You are important, and you deserve to live to your fullest potential.

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