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Helping Your Child Move Into Their First Home

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When your child finally decides (or you decide!) to move out, it’s an important time in their lives. They’re about to head into the big, wide world, and it’s not always easy to know how to proceed as their parent. We’re not talking about college or any other educational establishments here, either. We’re talking about their new rental apartment on the other side of town. We might even be talking about their brand-new house they’ve bought three hours away from you.

It’s quite scary knowing that they’ll be living on their own now. And, you never just know how much support to give. That’s why we’re going to try and make it just a little easier. It’s time to take a look at a few suggestions.

Buy Or Rent? Help Them Through The Process

I don’t know if you remember what it was like to move into your first home. It was probably a rental, right? You met with the realtor or perhaps rented through private means. Either way, there was a lot to get through. Legal matters had to be dealt with. Financial issues had to be sorted. Visits had to be arranged, and checks had to be carried out. It’s all complicated stuff for someone who has never had to deal with it before. Be there throughout the process to provide assistance when necessary. Don’t take over, but use your years of experience to make suggestions.



Assist With The Furnishings

Whether your child is looking for apartments or houses, they might not find too many furnishings. They’ve relied on your house for so many years now, but they need furniture of their own. That’s expensive, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be making enough money to cope. This is where you can come in to ensure they’ve got the necessities they need.


If You Feel Yourself Taking Control, Hold Back

They’re still your child, and it’s tempting to take the reigns as an overprotective parent. You can’t do that. You can make suggestions, but the final decision is ultimately theirs. If they end up regretting it, it’s something they can use as a learning experience in the future.

Give Them Space

Once they move in, you might end up suffering from ‘empty nest syndrome.’ Your child has gone from the home, and all you want is for them to return. That doesn’t mean you can start visiting on a daily basis. They need that space to be able to acclimatize to their new life. You also need the same for yours.

But, Always Be There For Them

Giving them space doesn’t mean cutting yourself out of their life entirely, though. It’s really daunting to live on your own for the first time. It’s lonely, and it takes a while to get used to. If your child needs your support, offer it to them. You could even schedule weekly meetups, so you don’t grow too far apart. As long as you’re not pushing it too far, regular meetings are very beneficial for you both.

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