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Every Little Helps: Small Business Expenses You Should Never Neglect

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So you’re building an office or starting a business. What are the main things on your expenses list? Perhaps hiring employees, maybe you’re worried about computer hardware, or perhaps you’re more concerned about how much money you’re paying for the office space. No matter, you can handle all of that and those big expenses have very obvious price tags which you can calculate and forecast.

But it’s not those big expenses that are worrying—it’s the little ones. Office stationery, stacks of printer paper and instant coffee don’t cost much on their own (and you can make huge savings if you buy in bulk) but over a long period of time, these small expenses can add up or you might end up forgetting them completely.


Don’t forget the small items and creature comforts. Something as simple as fresh pens might seem trivial, but if your office workers are caught with pens with dried ink, then you’d be surprised at how awkward the situation can be. You might even think about investing in proper pens that are refillable at that stage!


Here is the couple of things that you should never neglect, despite their low prices. You could buy these in bulk if you wanted to, but never get caught without some of these items!


A simple set of name badges for your employees is all you need for your colleagues and clients to remember the names of everyone working under your roof. It’s a simple expense that is required and they’re extremely cheap to professionally produce. Add a simple photo, their job description or role, and you’ll have easy to read identification badges for everyone to recognize your employees.


Printer Ink

What use is a printer that can’t print? Aside from the numerous technical issues that can occur, printers are absolutely useless if they don’t have a steady supply of ink. Even worse, if you’re still using inkjet printers (you shouldn’t be if you’re a business!) then the ink can actually dry up if you don’t use it often enough. Look out for printer ink sales and buy in bulk when the prices are low.

Desk Items

Everything from loose sheets of paper, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils and even alarm clocks to manage time are all very useful items. Don’t neglect the importance of simple everyday items. Buy in bulk whenever possible and keep a storage shelf ready with extra supplies—just make sure no one steals a handful and always monitor your employees. You might seem like a stingy boss if you slap their wrists for taking a few more pens than they need, but it’s simple courtesy to not steal your workplace supplies.


Kitchen Supplies

Don’t let your employees start the day without a fresh cup of coffee. Milk, sugar, creamer and even some sweetener could improve your employee’s efficiency in the office. Make sure you have basic kitchen appliances such as a kettle and a microwave, but if you want to take it a step further then don’t be afraid of installing a full kitchen range and giving your employees dedicated storage space in a fridge.

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