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How to Hide Last Seen Blue Ticks on Whatsapp

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Well, if we are going to talk about WhatsApp then let me tell you Whatsapp is #1 Messaging & chatting application. Which is used by almost billions of peoples? Whatsapp has been created its own image in the world of internet. Now Whatsapp is handling almost billions of users. Moreover, we all guys are busy in our Daily schedule and sometimes WhatsApp notifications disturb us. That’s why in this article, we are going to Mention & Explain how to hide last seen Blue ticks in Whatsapp using Simple Whatsapp Application named Shh Whatsapp.

Many of us already knew this application. Its simple 3rd party application Which allows users to easily hide blue ticks means to say if you are receiving any message in your WhatsApp messenger and even if you open and seen that message. Than the Person who sent you a message on WhatsApp were not able to check whether you have seen his/her Whatsapp message or not. Because Shh Whatsapp Will hide Blue ticks from Whatsapp.

In some rooted devices maybe you have to install some other WhatsApp applications for more features like GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp DP etc.


Shh Whatsapp App to Hiding Blue Ticks

While using shh WhatsApp on your android device you can only able to seen Received messages on your WhatsApp profile. But the main problem of this application is you cannot able to reply those Received Whatsapp messages using this application.


Below we have mentioned some advantages and disadvantages Let’s check it out.

Advantages of Hiding Blue Ticks in WhatsApp:-

  • You can Hide Last Seen.
  • You can Hide Blue Ticks.
  • You can Hide Online Status.
  • There will be No Root Required.
  • Almost Running on Every android version.

Disadvantages of Hiding Blue Ticks in WhatsApp:-

  • You can only able to seen Received messages but you cannot reply them.
  • Sometimes application Lags.
  • Sometimes Application stopped while working.

Requirements to Disable Blue Ticks:-

  • Android Version should be 4.0 Above.
  • Rooted or Non-Rooted device.(Doesn’t matter)
  • Shh WhatsappDownload
  • Original WhatsappDownload

How to install Shh Whatsapp on Android and Hide Blue Ticks?

  1. At First, You have to download the original WhatsApp application from play store.
  2. After that, you have to download the Shh Whatsapp From play store or our above-given download link.
  3. Once, you have completed download of shh Whatsapp install it on your android device.
  4. Once the application is installed on your device. Open it and you will get the screen just like below image.
  5. Now Simply clicks on “Got It” Button.
  6. Now just enable notification of WhatsApp messages under application.
  7. Then you have to setup privacy whether you want this feature for WhatsApp users or Whatsapp group users.
  8. That’s it. Enjoy. You have successfully applied Hide Blue Ticks feature on your WhatsApp.


Hide Blue Ticks

Well, if you have successfully installed Shh Whatsapp from above then you might already understand this application. As we have already described above this application do it’s job very honestly. Meanwhile, the application guarantees if you have seen your WhatsApp messages from this application then I am 100% Sure. From whom you have received the message will not able to check whether you have seen his/her message or not.

That’s what the application feature because some of us don’t have rooted devices to use these kinds of features and That’s why Shh WhatsApp working great for unrooted device users.


So this was our article, which is related to Shh Whatsapp. Where we have mentioned how to hide Blue ticks on WhatsApp. This feature can be easily enabled by just installing one simple application named Shh Whatsapp. That’s it. If you find any difficulty while installing or using this application feel free to comment down below. We will try our best to solve your problem.

At last, thanks for visiting, keep visiting for more such great articles.

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