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History & Launch of Macanudo Cigars

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Macanudo cigars are the brand to reckon with in the world of cigars. Like any other successful brand, its history is no less intriguing one. These premium cigars have seen some of the great upheavals of the history in many countries. But the drive and passion of its owners led to creating an iconic brand.

For premium cigars lovers and connoisseur alike, Macanudo Cigars are the ultimate name in the world of premium cigars produced by the giant General Cigar Company. With more than forty years of legacy behind, this brand sure deserves this recognition. But like any other successful and iconic brand, this also has a rich and intriguing history behind it.

How did it all start?

The journey of General Cigars started in the year 1848 when Ferdinand Kullman, a wine merchant by profession migrated to the USA from Germany. In the US, Kullman became Cullman and started his wine and cigar making business. The cigar business did not see the boom for many years to come. The family tradition continued with sons and grandson joining the business. The company was called Cullman Brothers. After Ferdinand Cullman, his son Joseph Cullman and later Joseph’s son Joseph Jr. joined the business in the year 1904, this is when the major turn of fortune began for the small family business. He started the cultivation of the Connecticut shade tobacco that was derived from the Cuban seed. It was not easy for Joseph Jr. to initiate this venture, and he even his father considered him crazy for attempting the feat. But this offbeat thing and zest to do something paid off. The distinct and mild flavor of the product attracted a lot of attention of the cigar lovers.


A new Turn

Macanudo Cigars turned another leaf of the page under Edgar Cullman Sr. who joined the company after returning from Washington. Edgar Cullman, who earlier worked in the U.S. Treasury Department, was the first of fourth generation from the family to start working in the Cigar business. He learned the business from the scratch.


Under his guidance, the tobacco grown became extremely popular among the cigar makers. Edgar himself too thought to enter into the cigar making business. This urge led him to buy General Cigar Company, which was earlier famous for the several brands of cigars such as White Owl, William Penn, Van Dyck, and Robert Burns. This company scaled new heights under his leadership. In the year 1968, the company bought a cigar factory in Jamaica, which produced Macanudo originally.

Brand Revamping

Edgar revamped the brand to make it sustainable in the US market. He knew that it required a great surge in the quality and extreme attention. Who else to provide that in the field of the cigar, if not anyone related to Cuban cigar industry? That is why he solicited the services of a renowned cigar expert Ramón Cifuentes. Ramón Cifuentes, who earlier has worked with one of the major cigar-producing families, devised the blueprint of tobacco processing and cigar producing with supreme effort. Edgar himself contributed the famous Connecticut shade tobacco grown by his family, to provide the most distinct flavor.

Launch of Macanudo Cigars

It was in the year 1971 that the General Cigars launched the brand Macanudo Cigar. A unique and completely different subtle taste of the brand soon made it a favorite in the US, and General Cigars were on the roll. This brand remains the most popular brand of the company.


The Present Scenario

The Macanudo line later saw other variants added to the line as well. Today, there are five premium brands under the line. The Macanudo Robust cigar, the Macanudo Maduro Cigar, the Macanudo Cafe Cigar, the Macanudo Vintage cigar and the Macanudo Gold cigar – each has its own trademark taste and flavor.


The cigar is produced in the Dominican Republic and hand-rolled by the workers providing the personal touch.

From a small family-based farming to a vast business empire now, the success of General Cigars has been phenomenal. The success without a doubt can be attributed to the Macanudo Cigars, which like any other iconic brand are supreme in quality and distinct in taste.

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