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Is Your Home Safe? Let’s Find Out

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When people first buy a home, many just assume it’s safe. After all, the checks went through okay. There were no red flags on the inspection report so what could be wrong with it? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. You may think your home is safe but there might be several major problems that you’re not even aware of. We can find out if your home is safe by asking and answering several questions. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear idea of whether there is more you should be doing to protect your family.

How Old Is Your home?

If you’re thinking of buying a home, it’s best to opt for one that’s new. Many people buy a house that’s old because they know these properties are cheaper. But you have to be careful here. If the house you’ve bought is more than thirty years old, there’s a good chance asbestos is lurking in the walls. Asbestos is a natural fiber that was commonly used in the past as insulation. That is until people discovered the serious dangers it can cause. Asbestos is perfectly harmless if undisturbed. But once the spores start to get into the air it can cause health issues like lung cancer. In many cases, this has lead to fatal consequences. If you’re worried about your home having asbestos, you can get it inspected. At the very least, this will give you a piece of mind.


Of course, it’s not just asbestos you have to worry about. In America, lead paint can still be commonly found on walls in older homes. Particularly ones that have been sold for an absolute steal. Lead paint is toxic and has been linked to serious health issues in children including brain damage.


How Often Are You Appliances Checked?

We bet the answer to this question for almost every reader was, never. Hardly anyone bothers to check their appliances in the home. They trust they’ll continue to work as they did on the day they bought them. But think about how long you’ll keep appliances in your home. You might not replace your fridge for ten years. We doubt you’re replacing your TV more than every five years. The list goes on. That means there are some significantly older appliances currently in your home. They haven’t been checked and loose wires or damaged plugs can be a serious health risk. They can start fires or electrocute children. It’s best to use appliance tagging services to get them checked out for issues annually.


What Do You Know About Your Water?

Domestic water supplies have been in the news recently for two reasons related to your families health. One is fracking. Due to fracking, water supplies have been contaminated. The recognizable image of the dangers of fracking is water that can catch fire. If your water can catch fire, you’ve got to wonder what on earth is in it. But that’s not the only issue because there’s also the problem of fluoride. Fluoride is found at high quantities in water supplies all over the world. It’s a cleaning substance commonly found in toothpaste. But consumed in large quantities, it poses a serious health risk. If you want your family to be safe, you may want to think about purchasing a high-quality water filter.

Did you answer these questions correctly? It’s not too late to change your home and make it safer for your family.

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