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How Can You Get The Right Medical Examination Table?

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When you go to a doctor, you find that the patients are examined on a table. For getting the best examination tables, you can get the online sources, and evaluate the sources, the material that is used, and the type of cushioning that is attached to the bed. Good quality examination tables also have height enhancement facilities, and you can get the desired tables at a low range, if you buy them from reliable sources. With advancement of medical science, better and effective treatment of diseases is now possible. Apart from the chemicals that are used in various proportions to prepare medicines, several equipment and instruments are also used effectively either directly for treatment or in an indirect way for diagnosis of the diseases. Among such medical equipment and health products, examination tables are a very common sight. Whether at the doctors’ chambers, or at the emergency rooms or at the diagnosis centers, examination tables today can be found in any medical facility.

New designs and flexibility with the modern examination tables:

With time, medical examination tables have come a long way, to serve the purpose better. They are available in various models, all to facilitate examination and increase comfort of the patients and the doctors.

They are mainly used for imaging, gynecology examinations, and aesthetic treatments and sometimes for minor surgical procedures.



There are separate tables for the more critical surgical procedures. Exam tables are available with stirrups, power positioning, and scales and with portability and storage options. These various modifications have been added only with the sole intention of making it simpler for the patients, the doctors and the medical staff.

The previous models of the examination tables were quite high, difficult for the patients to climb in, with no adjustable back rest which made things difficult for the patients. Extra help was required for them to get into those tables. But now, with easy to use examination tables, there is no such hassle for the patients.

The single top exam table is still available though it is not much popular anymore. The most popular ones are those available with drop section, power, scales, adjustable back rests, spacious storage units below, three sections top, etc.

How to Get that Perfect Medical Examination Table

The examination table should be chosen wisely depending on the purpose and area of diagnosis and treatment. For instance, the table that is being used for gynecology exams can’t be used for pediatric purposes. So, one very important criterion to consider while selecting the perfect exam table is the purpose for which it will be used.


The cost is definitely to be considered. There are many advanced models of the examination tables available with all latest modifications but they are pricey. Most hospitals and nursing homes are able to afford it, but if you are planning to install it for your private chamber, then maybe a model with lesser features which however will not compromise the comfort of the patients, can be considered. But is finance is no issue at all, it is better to go for the best.

Before getting a new examination table or replacing an already existing one, it is a good idea to get feedback from the doctors and the patients. After all, the ones who are directly using them will have better opinion than the management.

The company’s manufacturing and selling medical equipment and furniture are the best option to get examination tables from. Some companies also make alterations and customization according to their customers’ demands. They are generally used as bulk orders for large-scale nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. Get in touch with us to get more information.

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