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How can You Reduce Noise in Images?

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You must have struggled with unwanted noise in your images. While the camera as well as sensor technology is improving a lot, the photographers are still troubled with the noise. Though most people turn towards the post production software for help, there are several things you can do to help nip the problem at the very beginning.

What is Noise?

Before we move on to discuss the ways to eliminate noise from the pictures, we need to know what noise is. Most photographers dread finding noise in the images. Though there are different types of noise, it usually shows as speckles in clear areas of the image.


Factors Causing Noise

There are several causes behind noise in images. One of the most common is using higher ISO settings on the camera. Just as the higher ISO settings increase the light signal, similarly, they increase the noise signal as well.


Let’s find out the ways to reduce noise in camera.

Shoot at Low ISO Settings

If you have a new camera, you will have great ISO functionality. In this case, you will not see too much noise stealing into the images either.

There still may be some noise at higher exposure; in this case, you need to be aware of the exposure. Shooting at low ISO means that you will have lesser noise in the images.

Higher ISO settings will tell the camera sensor to group pixels and capture more light. This may make your image appear noisy and gritty.

Make the Image Bright

  • This point is quite obvious. The lesser shadow your image has, lesser the noise it will have. Noise generally appears in the darker areas of the image, where there is less light to overpower it.
  • Whether you are introducing a new source of light like flash or a lamp or moving to the better lit areas, just change the exposure settings to allow more light in.
  • Try to bring down the amount of shadow in the image. This will reduce the amount of noise as well.

Store the Camera in a Cool Place

Thermal reaction is one of the prime causes behind noise. The warmer your camera is, the higher is the chance of the sensor to be overheated within a short period of time. Make sure that the camera is cool; this will improve the performance of your camera substantially, reducing the likelihood of digital noise.

Shoot in the RAW Format

You must be daunted by the very idea of shooting in the RAW mode but you need not be. RAW is one of the best ways to get the most of the images. Make sure that you use it. You need not shoot RAW always but as soon as you find that the light is becoming too dark, you can switch over to the RAW mode. This is because the JPEG images have compression applied to them. This means that there is some noise in the image already.

By attending photography classes in Dubai, you can clear this idea.

Over Expose the Images

You must have heard the experienced photographers explaining the value of slightly over exposed images. This is because correcting the underexposed images in the post-production phase may bring out noise in shadows. Darkening the over exposed areas is a much better option.

Fix Noise Using Photoshop and Lightroom

As soon as you are done with capturing the image, open it in Photoshop or Lightroom and find out how it looks. It is a great idea to zoom the image to 100% to find out if there is noise in the image. While making the adjustments, make sure that you zoom the image to 100%.


Remember that there aren’t any standard settings that will work with all the images. You need to go on changing the adjustments till you find the desired result. Remember the saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’? Apply this rule here. Go on practising applying the above-discussed rules on all the images you click. You will soon understand the things that work for you. Hope that these tips will help you to solve the noise problem in your images. Though noise troubles us at times, there is good news for you! Technology is evolving and it’s safe to hope that within a little more time, we can click noise free images without observing so many strategies, even if there is less light.

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