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How is Your Mental Health?

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There are plenty of strange quirks inside each and every one of us! We all have our own little habits that make us, well, us! However, some of the same little personality quirks live within all of us. For instance, how many people put off a visit to the doctors? That’s a lot of raised hands! You see, not many people act like visiting the doctors because they associate it with bad news – the doctor is going to tell your straight how it is, and usually, it might be a cause of some concern. The easy method? It’s to avoid that bad news and not go, but what about when we are sick? Well, even then – pride gets in the way. We’ll get better on our own two feet, thank you very much! But, that’s the wrong way of going about it. Very much so. If you’re ill, head to the doctors and get the treatment you need. Case closed!

Loads of Behaviour Quirks to Avoid

A lot of our behaviour quirks are to do with health – take a look at our mental health for instance. Yes – mental health. The way you think, act and feel are still just as important as your physical health. We might feel awkward going to the doctors with an ankle issue, but we feel super awkward going to the doctors because we feel bad. That’s wrong! If you feel bad and down in the dumps, or are suffering because of how you feel – that is something that can seriously affect your health.


It is very much past time to start taking our feelings and emotions seriously. Our mental health is as real as our physical health, and we cannot ignore it. Stress, syndromes – there’s a lot of our brains, and it needs to be treated in the same way that a physical ailment is. We can talk about broken legs, but if we are suffering inside, we certainly won’t talk about it. It’s time to talk about it and normalise this stuff. We’re here to start the conversation. How are you doing? How is your mental health right now?


Steps to treat yourself from Mental Health Issues

  • The key to coping mental health issues is to speak out and talk about them. If you suffer from these issues, you aren’t unique. It doesn’t make you different, not at all. Speaking about your issues and problems help normalise your issues. If you can speak out to a friend, you might feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin and you certainly won’t have to struggle alone.  You just have to realise that it is ok to feel the way that you do.
  • Mental health issues are a killer as well, so it is very important that we take them seriously. If we recognise that we have an issue, we need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Now, you should never self-diagnose yourself as this can lead to the suffering that is real, but in a sense ‘made up’ – psychosomatic symptoms. The work of a diagnosis and the treatment should be left to a medical professional. However, if you notice that you have signs of depression in your habits and your behaviours, that can be a sign that you must visit a doctor to embark on treatment. Look out for these changes – and seek help, even if it’s something like stress, which is still a very worrying problem!
  • The stigma against mental health issues doesn’t help how people cope, as they might be afraid to speak out. Some mental health conditions have become slurs, and the language that people use regarding mental health isn’t favourable. Ignore all that though. Coping is something you must find yourself, and as said above – it helps if you speak out.
  • It also helps if you can find comfort in hobbies, passions, relationships and jobs. Too often, people take solace in things they shouldn’t and this can lead to very serious problems that can cause damage. Focus on improving your life and focus on being grateful for what you’ve got. It might seem hard, but it can be done. Coping can be just a case of ‘riding the wave’ and not allowing it to disrupt our lives. It’s easier said than done though.


So, how is your mental health right now? Are you coping? Are you seeking treatment? If so – you’re on the right path. If you’re struggling though, it’s time to speak out. With time, help and treatment, you’ll learn to be happy once more and these issues could be a thing of the past.

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