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No Pressure? Tips on How to Cope with Subjects you’re not keen on

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When you are a student, you cannot always choose only the subjects you like and the subjects that are easy for you. Studying supposes hard tasks, and sometimes to become a successful student you must find a way to motivate yourself. The modern tendency in psychology to do what you want to do and what makes you happy sometimes gives poor results for students who have chosen their specialties in college. If among 10, for example, subjects you are enrolled this semester, 2 of them are boring or even hatred for you, it doesn’t mean that the profession you have chosen, isn’t a right one for you. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that these subjects won’t be useful in future.

Even the loveliest subject may sometimes arouse dullness and unwillingness. Is this heavy feeling is familiar to you when the undone tasks that should be done for sure and are postponed for the last moment? Let’s see the best study tips which may help you to avoid this sort of condition and will help you to cope with subjects you don’t like much.

Be concentrated on a reason why this task has to be done more than why you don’t want to do it.


There are several reasons why the task is set aside. Spend a little of time to define the reason of having no will to do this or another work.

There are three main reasons we want to mention:

Reason 1. The fear that task is too hard and you think you won’t manage it.

Reason 2. You think that you are not “in the mood” to handle it.

Reason 3. The topic seems to be boring, or you don’t understand the reason you must do it.

How to concentrate on studies, not on the absent of the desire to work? If you got stuck on your unwillingness or on the results of this concrete task – you’d never overcome this. Instead of this, try reasoning globally about your main goal which may become one step closer to your dream than before completing the task.


Do the unpleasant tasks first

Make a rule always to start your homework from its hardest parts. And only after this, with an easy heart, go to your favorite lessons. You won’t be obtaining the maximum of pleasure from things you like to do when you lay aside the difficult tasks. You won’t forget about them anyway, so why not to start from them when you are still full of forces?

Be disciplined

There are a lot of famous quotes about discipline. Here are several of them:

“Everyone must choose one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regrets” Jim Rohn, famous American business philosopher.

“Discipline is choosing between you want now and what you want most” A. Lincoln

Discipline is, in fact, one the main base for success in everything. Being disciplined sometimes foresees a dull and monotone work, but it always is rewarded in some period of time. You may compare it with hard physical training when during the workout you ask yourself what am I doing here? But remember your satisfaction after the work is done – the body is thankful, the mind is calmed, and you are proud of yourself. The same is with the homework – train good study habits in order to feel confident and pleased.


Be thankful to what the hard tasks give you

One of the most useful tips for the student is always to be grateful for the granted and gained knowledge. Talented teachers know how to motivate children even when the subject is not popular and hard to understanding. They make some kind of challenge and competitive atmosphere on the faculty. They may know not by hearsay, but from personal experience that a student may have more interesting things to do instead of this boring stuff the university program demands.

We continue studying during the whole our life. The hard tasks become easier tomorrow, they change, and we just try to improve our skills in everything. When you grow professionally – you try to look for even harder tasks for self-development. Do you agree that becoming a little bit better worth a little effort to make?


Every challenge will make you stronger, cleverer and more experienced. Be thankful that you obtained a chance to work on your personal qualities. In this light every task looks a little bit different, you’ll feel joy instead of anxiety soon. And this option is the best student motivation.

Reward yourself

How to concentrate on studies when there are plenty of academic services like Edubirdy and the soul requires something more joyful and festive? Think about how you will be feeling after completing the task. Reward yourself with these thoughts before doing work. You will be automatically rewarded with a satisfaction of the fulfillment of your commitments. And you may invent some additional reward which is more material – doing, eating or buying something you wanted for a long time.

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