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How to Book Online Tatkal Train Tickets Like a Pro?

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Standing and waiting impatiently in the long queues at the train ticket booking window is a pass. With the whole world thriving into the digital age, booking an air or train ticket is no longer a pain, since everything is just a click away. Talking of Indian railways, the IRCTC made it a lot more convenient for frequent train travellers to book tickets from any part of the world. But since India has the second largest population in the world, it is obvious to experience waiting lists even online. So here’s a small guide to overcome these hurdles and book your tickets like a pro!

Even though the whole ticket booking process is digitized, one can often find themselves in the middle of a helpless scenario while booking a ticket. Read this tad guide to avoid congestion and getting a ticket booked with ease.

#1. Plan Ahead

“A little planning goes a long way”, this phrase holds true in the case of booking a train ticket, especially in India. Booking ahead of time will help you fetch not only the most desirable seat, slot, and train, but also helps you manage a lot more things smoothly. Generally, train tickets are available 120 days in advance, and a ticket booked during this time greatly increases your chances of getting a reserved ticket with the best time slots. So hurry up!


#2. Keep the Session Alive

Since a number of people are simultaneously booking tickets online, it can get pretty much a messed up affair if you go down hunting for your debit/credit card details or any other such information. The login page of the IRCTC is alive until you do not let it go idle in 3 minutes, or else you will have to re-login and that could very well cost you your ticket. This is especially for the Tatkaal ticket booking process when each and every second counts. So, at 10 am in the morning, a day prior to your journey, login sharp at time and keep your details handy so as to avoid any last minute disorders. The gist of this point is to keep the session alive and not to let it go idle, or else, pay the price for the loss!

#3. Using Auto-Fillers

These are godsent and can really help you secure a tatkaal ticket pretty fast and effortlessly. This feature lets you pre-fill the passenger booking details and helps filling in the form at the stroke of 10 am exact, simply at the tap of a button. So basically, you will be walking off your desktop with a smart face and a booked tatkal ticket, while the thousands out there would still be left with filling the form.

#4. Flying Compensation

If yours is a waitlisted ticket then you can even get it converted to an air ticket, thanks to IRCTC’s latest tie up with low cost airlines. The fare price will be 30-40% cheaper than the usual flying rates and this service is applicable only for tickets that are booked at least three-four days prior to the date of travel.

So make use of these small handy tips the next time you sit to book an online train ticket and see the difference for yourself. Good luck with that!

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