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How to Deal With Worrying

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Worrying is not necessarily bad. There are times when worrying can cause a productive habit. For instance, when a student is worried about his grades, the worrying can motivate him to study harder. A parent who is worried about family bills can be motivated to look for another source of income in order to meet the bills.

Nevertheless, worrying excessively can interfere with the life of a person and cause significant distress. Being overly worried about an upcoming presentation can hinder you from concentrating. If you become too worried about your health problem, you might not sleep adequately and this can complicate the health situation further. If your worrying or anxiety is becoming too much, there are strategies that you can use to deal with it.

#1 Acknowledge your Worry

Do not try to ignore your worry or try to assume that it does not exist. In fact, if you ignore your worry, you are likely to think more about it. When you try to suppress your worries, you are most likely to feel more distressed. Therefore, accept that you have worrisome thoughts or you feel anxious. This will minimize intrusive thoughts from invading and causing mental and emotional harm.


#2 Reframe Unrealistic Thoughts

When you are feeling anxious, if care is not taken, you can make catastrophic predictions. For instance, when you imagine and worry about bad grades, you are likely to end up with bad grades because the time you could have spent studying was spent on worrying. Therefore, replace negative thoughts with positive, realistic affirmations. Instead of thinking about something like stumbling over your words, think about worthwhile things that you can communicate with and capture the attention of your audience.

#3 Be a Problem Solver

Identify things that you have control over from the ones that you do not have control over. Once you have made the distinction, focus efforts on the problems that you can control. If you are worried about looking unprofessional during an interview, start preparing for the interview ahead of time along with your appearance so you look your best when the moment arrives. If your debts worry you, start working on your budget today and before you know it, your mountain of debts will become a debt-free plain. In every situation, try to channel worrisome thoughts into the realm of positivity.

#4 Be Calm

Anxiety is a feeling that can showcase embarrassing physical symptoms. These include a dry mouth, increased heartbeat rate, upset stomach and sweaty palms. Some people have difficulty in sitting still or sleeping when worried. These physical symptoms can fuel anxiety and unnecessary fear to a state of stupor. Therefore, take precautionary steps towards calming your body in other to deal with worrying. Exercise is a good way to accomplish this. You can go jogging, dancing, practice relaxation skills and deep breathing. This will calm your body and mind.

#5 Set Time for Worrying

If you cannot control yourself, you have to find a way to control the time you worry. You can worry when doing very delicate things. You must know when it is an absolute no go area. If intrusive thoughts float into your mind, remind yourself that it is not time for worrying. When the time for worrying comes, sit down somewhere and worry for your set time. This will enable you to contain the anxiety to a specific period instead of having the uneasy thoughts overtake you throughout the day.

#6 Practice Mindfulness

Do not worry about something that you said before now or something that you will do tomorrow. Live in the present. Practice mindfulness and be in tune with the current happenings or your surroundings. This will distract the anxious thoughts and steer stress from your body.

When worried, it is difficult to participate in a lot of things. Therefore, to tackle the issue of worrying you must come up with a plan that ensures your brain power is used for productive things rather than unnecessary worrying.

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