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How To Delete KIK Messages And Chats?

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If you want to chat anonymously, nothing can be better than KIK Messenger. 150 million users use this messenger for chatting with friends and family.

It is evident that huge number of people use KIK on a daily basis. It means a lot of chats and messages. You may want to delete old messages or chats due to privacy or storage concerns.

Here, in this article I will show you how to delete KIK chats. But before going tomain sections. Let’s talk about KIK messages in detail.


KIK Messages:

Whatever you send through KIK, is simply KIK Messages. More precisely, KIK is the messenger that sends instant messages. You can send multiple things using KIK. Such that text messages, audio and video messages, pictures and presentations, etc.KIK also offers a feature of group chat. You an invite multiple friends in same chat. You can imagine, how much group chats go long? As KIK messaging is free to use. In this situation, your storage can afford such long conversations.


Why You Need To Delete KIK Chats?

Well, the reason can be anything. But most common reason for deleting the chat is privacy. Sometimes, users share sensitive content on KIK chats. Sensitive data like personal information or pictures. In this case, you cannot afford to leave data in chats unsecure.


How To Delete KIK Chats & Messages?

You cannot delete a single message in KIK chats. You need to remove whole chats for deleting the content. You are allowed to remove chats for both individuals and group chat. When you are deleting the group chat, if you are admin whole chat will be gone. Otherwise, you are just leaving the group chat.

Here are steps for different devices:

  • For iPhone, select the desired chat. Swipe to delete the chat.
  • For Windows and Android, simply select and hold the desired chat. Click on “Delete Conversation” for removing the chat.


Are they Gone Forever?

Well, this is the main concern for most users. That’s why we always advise not to share personal data. Because when you delete chat, it means it is gone from your device only. Your friend or receiver may have the chat or messages. It’s up to him/her, whether to delete or save the chat. So don’t ever share your personal information on KIK messages. It is not good for you.

Hopefully, now you got the idea how to delete KIK chats & messages on different devices.

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