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How to Dress Fashionably with Few Simple Tricks?

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There are several occasions where you might have to check yourself again to confirm if you have dressed well and if you are looking fashionable. We all love to look fashionable, but trying to dress as per new fashion trends is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you might have to do lot of research to understand the current fashion trends and if you think this could be expensive then it is not like this, you don’t need to spend many dollars to shop to match the current fashion.

If you have patience you can easily transform your collection into a modern collection of garment which you can comfortably wear and flaunt and this would not be expensive for you. This will help you use your old fabrics and at the same time save money instead of spending dollars of money. Getting well dressed helps to create a good impression on people at the same time it also helps to maintain your confidence level which indirectly helps your portray the best side of you.

Let’s see some simple steps which can help you look stunning and up to date



The first thing is we need is to feel comfortable with what we are wearing because it’s important for you to know how to carry yourself with anything you are wearing. Just don’t pick up anything like that because sometimes this might not make you look the way you want to. At the same time make sure you know what makes you look good for example if your body is pear shaped then you can wear tight fittedskirts and bit loosen tops which can help you feel comfortable. To understand you’re your body shape you can refer the link wikihow.com/Determine-Your-Body-Shape. Whenever you buy a new dress, make sure you get it stitched with right fit to your body this really helps your dress to look good and decent.


Your jewelry and your accessories help to bring beauty in your dressing. You don’t need to over dress yourself with exclusive jewelry whereas you can match with what you are wearing which would make your dressing look more organized. Your ornaments make you look complete. You can buy jewelry as per fashion trends thorough online stores like paytm, askmebazaar,flipkart and many more. But don’t forget to use coupons. A few ago I bought Treadmill from Askmebzaar using some coupon from couponmachine which reduced 50% price in overall billing. There are many popular coupon websites like Dealsplus.com, Retailmenot.com, Coupons.com. Follow them while you shop.

Shoe Collection

Obviously with good clothing, Jewelry all you need is a good matching sandal or shoes; this makes your legs look elegant and stylish. The smart way is to keep a collection of different colors of shoes as you can easily wear them with any matching dress. Nowadays even contrast colors are used to match the attire and make it look more fashionable.


Most of the times we need to carry basic things for which we have to carry our purse or bag. This bag helps you create your own style statement. With more options coming up in the wide range of bags and clutches, it’s important you pick the right shaped bag and color which should not spoil your entire fashion style.

Neck Line

We all have different body shape and choosing the right neckline according to your body shape makes your body look perfect helping you display the right shape of your body. The V necks and round necks have different appeal to your body.

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