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How to “Fix Your Application was Unable to Start Correctly” ERROR in Windows 10

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Sometimes you get unreasonable errors like 0xc00007b which is nothing but comes out like “your application was unable to start correctly”. This error generally occur when you forget to set small things, this error generally occurs in opening games because you use different bit Windows than the right one.

Sometimes 32 bit Windows upgrades itself without your knowledge because of the automatic updating your system upgrades itself from 32 to 64 without your knowledge but this can only be one of the reasons but not all. So, let us now fix it with easy steps:

Steps to Fix the Application Unable to Start Correctly Error:

  • Sometimes the problems are not big and all you need to do at this point of time is simply reboot your pc because maybe because of rebooting all the problems which you are facing will not appear. So, before searching for deeper unavailable cause it is better to reboot your system.
  • In most of the cases things do not work because they have become old to handle new ones and the errors come because of the Microsoft.NET framework. You do not have to do much just reinstall the latest .NET framework and then you will be all set to go.
  • Sometimes because of the priority bases these problems occurs because there are many things which only admin is allowed to access so right click on the game or the application you want to run then select properties from the sub menu and open the compatibility tab. Then you will see an option like “Run this program as an administrator” click on it and then ok. This may solve the error like 0xc00007b and will open the game or application you want.
  • I should have told you earlier but sometimes the problem does lie with the system because sometimes it lies with game or the program you can trying to run. So, try re-installing the game or program you are trying to open. This may look simple but it has worked in many cases so you can say being simple it is one of the most effective ways of dealing with 0xc00007b error.
  • At times you keep on searching for the problem but you do not one and it is because sometimes the problem does not lie with the game or the problem nor with the computer, the part which shows the problem is the Windows. It is because games comes according to the latest graphics and files which can be opened only on the latest Windows. So, in this update your pc’s Windows and you will be all set to go.
  • Other method like run chkdsk on the command prompt which is the function for checking the disk whenever it gets started again so that it can reboot and check for the necessary issues.

There can be any other reason for the problem but the most common are the ones which are specified above. You can try going with them and if the problem still persist then you can go with different approach.

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