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How to Improve Your Wellness Coach Career

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CNN published an article by Kathrin Dorsett in 2010 stating that the No. 1 wish on most of the New Year resolution lists is to lose weight. This shows that there are many potential new clients out there for every wellness coach who wants to do their job properly. However, in order to make your career a successful one, you need to do more than simply wait for the clients to come to you. Here are a few helpful tips to improve your future business prospects.

Precisely Targeted Marketing

Everybody needs to become a social media marketing expert and an online marketing wizard these days. You need live and operational social media platforms, a blog, a Facebook profile and pages, LinkedIn accounts, and a rich and well-made YouTube channel. Your marketing should be targeted mostly to loyal consumers. Print out the leaflets and give discounts for those that really decide to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Encourage your clients to bring in new ones and offer discounts, or free first exercise trainings, for those that come by recommendation.

Education and Professional Development

Something new happens every season with the world of fitness and wellness. New diet plans, super foods, supplements, and exercise ideas happen all the time. One season, Cross Fit is the most popular trend and then the next season it is Zumba. Therefore, to keep up to date and to be competitive nowadays, you need to make sure that you follow all the latest trends. It is essential that you constantly check for new coaching skills training opportunities, chances for further professional development, share your ideas and do some networking with your peers.


Diversifying Your Services

Your clientele is typically very diverse, so you should be as well. There are some people who want to lose weight, and then there are people that want to have a healthier lifestyle. There are those that are recovering from an injury or giving birth, so you should take it easy, and then you have more hardcore clients that want to build muscles. There are also people that want to work out at home, so you might want to consider doing visits and at home trainings.

Respond to the market and your client base will grow. The same goes with the diet plans. Offer personalized diet plans for those that have specific needs. If you don’t feel you are skilled enough, collaborate with a nutritionist and offer that as part of a package deal. If need be, make similar deals with a masseuse, chiropractic, and any other expert that you will be a good addition to your services.

Excellent Communication and Motivational Skills

You definitely need to be more than just an expert in wellness to have an operational and successful business. You also need to have great communicative skills. If you are worried about this, you will be happy to know that you can get trained to have great communicative skills. Also, motivation is a big part of every workout. Everybody wants to be healthier and to get more exercise. Only a small number will actually do it and even a smaller number of people will keep doing it. It is your job to keep your clients coming back and keeping them motivated.

Building a solid client base is important. But, in this line of work, you need to make sure that your clients become regulars and that they keep coming back. It means constant development and having a very dynamic business. Still, at the same time, that is what makes this line of work so interesting and great.

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