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How To Manage Stress In The Office

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Stress can often seem like an unavoidable problem in the workplace. Sometimes it can be related to looming deadlines, all-consuming projects and hard times. This kind of stress might seem like you just need to push through it. The truth is that mental fatigue, burnout and the pressures of the workplace can start to weigh very heavily on the office. When it does, employee health, productivity and the business can all suffer. This is a guide on how keep stress manageable in the workplace and make your workplace a happier, healthier place overall.

Recognize Stress Early

Especially during the hard periods, it’s important that a boss keep a close eye on the staff. The signs of stress begin to show early and noticing it is the first step to dealing with it. Even if your employees seem to be handling it for now, keep an eye out for these signs and be ready to lend a helping hand. Take employees aside during the lulls in intense periods to ask how they’re doing, being careful to frame the question. Many may feel like they’re under interrogation, so be patient and open with them.

Encourage Healthy Living in the Office

Health factors, such as food, exercise and sleep, have a lot to do with stress. The workplace should try to incorporate elements of these factors in the workplace. Helping the staff make healthy food choices and setting time aside for active breaks can take the load of them. It also has the added benefit of demonstrating their value to you. Just be sure to look after yourself, too. There’s a difference between conscientiousness and worrying you should keep an eye on.



Keep an Open Door Policy

Part of beating stress in the workplace is feeling like you’re not isolated. The staff might be all too happy to share their woes with close colleagues. As their employee or manager, however, you are the one who is able to help them make the most impactful changes. Operate on an open door policy and make sure any lower level managers do the same. Deal with employee’s problems with tact and this openness will lead to a sense of shared responsibility. That, in turn, is much less likely to any employees feeling like they’re on their own with their burdens.

Don’t be Afraid to go to Professionals

As an employer, you can’t be concerned with becoming an expert on stress yourself. These tips are good ways to keep things from boiling over and managing the potential for stress. There are some times that the stress levels in an employee or the office in general get away from you. This doesn’t mean you have failed. You just need to take the next step, which is using a professional equipped to tackle the issue. Critical incident stress management service by Health Assured is one such way. It can quickly and effectively deal with any crises in the office beyond your personal skillset.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Ensure that the first step is keeping an eye on signs of stress. Create an environment more likely to foster shared responsibility. Keep health in mind. These steps should nip most cases of stress in the workplace in the bud, too. Just make sure to take care of your own stress and worry levels at the same time.

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