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How the UK is (ill)-Prepared for a Heat Wave?

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The sweltering UK is ready for a heat wave due to hot homes and disrupted railways.

1. The Design of Modern Flats

According to the institute of Royal British architects the average range of a bedroom of UK is 46sq m and it is compact enough.

Sometimes it is good to have a cold and damp weather outside. But not always! During a heat wave it will surely affect you and if it’s a draught then it will be a huge trouble. Even the insulated homes of the government may lead to deaths and only one point that lead to the cause.


“The problem with British housing provisions is there’s no legislation to ensure residences have double aspect,” as said by ELLIS WOODMAN. She is executive editor of the BUILDING DESIGN MAGAZINE.”This means you get a lot of new flats in cities that only have one room orientation, which means you can’t have cross ventilation, or a draught.”

The traditional houses of North Africa and Middle East are based with a central courtyard, with proper ventilators to cool down the weather. And the British owning flats cherish this.

2. No Air Conditioning

UK is the country which has no air conditioners only radiators. According to the report only 0.5% houses have air conditioners.

But in US almost 100 millions of the houses are equipped with air conditioners. And the consumption of the air conditioners in America is almost 15%.

In the workplaces in UK air conditioners are very much common and even avoid many problems. According to the study of NASA due to heavy use of air conditioners the productivity has fallen by 3.6%.

Also read more about how to save energy when using Air Conditioning unit.

3. Rails Expand

The person who has been to 0-level physics or GCSE knows what happens to metal due to extreme heat.

The railway line has joints with small gaps and if once it expands it is very tough to fill the gaps.
A chaos occurred in the Waterloo Station of London due to buckled track. The controllers tried to control the speed but it failed due to hot rail tracks. Almost 200 trains of Scotland were cancelled due to this heat as the temperature reaches almost 30C to 50C.

4. Roads Don’t Handle Heat Well Either

The roads of UK start melting in 50C and its resistance is only 5%. May be 30C is not sounding like a problem but due to black roads the heat is absorbed by it and the roads which are uncovered can reach up to 50 degrees C.

The motorists and traffic came to a halt on M25 connection due to a overnight resurfacing appeared on last Sunday.

5. Old People Are Too Isolated

The effects are more vulnerable for the elderly ones as well as the young peoples.

But main problem is being faced by the senior citizens of the UK. It is them who usually live alone or in distant way from family. They are getting heat- attacks and their conditions are serious enough. And many are leaving the idea of visiting there due to this reason.

In West the problem is same. In 2003 the heat wave in European countries increased so much that 14,800 people died and most of them were aged enough.

6. No Cooling Center

To cope up with the heat waves US have installed cooling centers.

Air conditioning centers are installed in cities like Toronto, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, New York and the like. There, it is a library like thing where people can get relief from extreme. Medical attention and water is also offered here. However, air conditioning services North London are also being developed nowadays.

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