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Image Is Everything, Here’s How It Dominates Your Business

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In business, you’re only as good as your image. It dictates not only how visible you are to your potential customers. It dictates the strength of your message and how well they understand and respond to it. It also makes the core of your reputation, with the existing and the new. You need to manage that image and that reputation from every angle. Here’s how you do it.

Care for your message

The most important tool for establishing a good image is creating a strong brand. A good brand is one that’s built through research, creativity, and identifying what your promise is to your customer. It’s then built by using it consistently as a focal point for all the marketing and the messaging to come. Brand strength relies on consistency. Which is why, if you’re outsourcing marketing, you want to consider comprehensive teams like We Are TG that don’t just create marketing materials. You want the teams that help you research and strategize your branding as well as helping you to deliver it. Otherwise, you can end up with marketing that is inconsistent with your core message.


Care for the customer’s time

Time is everything when it comes to customer relationships. In the sale and delivery of your goods and services, you want to use as little as possible. It’s easy to bog down the sales process, especially online. Convoluted websites and uninvited interruptions like surveys before the sale are finalized can give them just the time they need to change their mind. When it comes to customer service, however, being too brief with them can be a disaster. You want to provide solutions, but not to hurry customers on and make them feel like they’re being an inconvenience or like they’re not worth your time. Address the problem and solve it, but make sure they understand it and they receive any further help they need. Otherwise, you can ensure some will complain and that other will listen.



Care for your own people, too

Nowadays, consumers have more insight into and more reason to care about a business’s responsibilities beyond their customers. Their environment, their legal past, but most importantly the people of the business all bring with them responsibility. Unfair treatment of employees, a reputation as a bad place to work, and lawsuits can prove tremendously damaging to the image of a business. You don’t want to have to deal with reactive reputation management. So, make sure that you’re taking care of any problems with employees, not just in ways that will satisfy all parties if possible. Codify your HR so that you can prevent those problems from coming up again in future.


To make sure your business has the best image it can, you need to decide on just what that image is and how to apply it not only to your products but how you manage their delivery. You also need to learn how your employees, the past, present, and future, can affect that reputation. Only then can you be sure you have as few dark marks on your image as possible.

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