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Imagine a World without Road Signs

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People forget how dangerous roads were before signs started popping up everywhere. Traffic accidents and fatalities were common place as everyone tended to do their own thing when driving. Eventually someone came up with the idea to put up signage to notify motorists of hazards, speed limits and other useful information.

It’s easy to take road signs for granted, however. Most people simply assume that people will follow the rules of the road and drive safely. The reality is that without road signs, driving would be a chaotic experience. Can’t quite picture it? No worries, here is what a world without road signs in Perth might look like.

No stop, all go

Stop signs can have a vital role to play at intersections. Their presence alone requires a motorist to stop and look at oncoming traffic before deciding it is safe to go. Without stop signs in place, most drivers will simply assume the coast is clear and continue driving. This would lead to a significant increase in crashes at intersections as all drivers would believe they have the right of way. No one would slow down or see if other cars were approaching and the result would be accidents galore.



Rules become suggestions

Ever see a sign for a one-way street? How would anyone know it was a one-way street without the sign? Chances are they wouldn’t and people would end up driving down it in both directions. The chaos this would bring is pretty obvious as people from both directions would have to squeeze by one another creating a backup so bad that the street would resemble a parking lot.

Park this way

Speaking of parking lots, roads would be littered with parked cars if there were no signs around indicating where people can and can’t park. Worse yet, the parking process would just become a free-for-all as handicapped spots, fire lanes and other reserved areas are taken over by rogue drivers. The same goes for smaller, two-lane roads or those with a limited shoulder. If no parking signs are put up, it’s only natural people will start parking here slowing down traffic and creating additional mayhem.


Losing the way

While nearly everyone has a phone with GPS and a map application, these still aren’t full proof. Sometimes the best way to find a place or road is by looking at a sign. Of course in a world without signs, this would no longer be possible. Instead drivers would end up lost or confused trying to figure out where they were going.

Construction zones become danger zones

When road workers are repairing the street, repaving or conducting other tasks, there are signs to notify drivers of this. They will report any necessary instructions like the need to merge should a lane be closed. If road signs didn’t exist, drivers wouldn’t be notified of the approaching construction site. Not only would this create unsafe conditions for workers, but the chances of an accident happening would also increase.


Luckily, the world does have road signs and these problems can be avoided. It is important to install this signage, however, or else these hypothetical scenarios might come to life. Road Signs by Corsign are produced in-line with government standards and ensures traffic chaos is avoided.

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