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Immersive Virtual Reality: What Is It and What’s To Come?

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It’s been long promised, and yet the emergence of immersive virtual reality as an everyday technology always seems to be just over the horizon. However, with recent advances in the field and the highly publicized launch of products like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Samsung Gear VR, the long-held promise of virtual reality technology may finally be at our doorstep. These five areas could benefit tremendously from immersive virtual reality technology in the very near future.

Movies – Immersive Virtual Reality

Ask any cinephile and he or she will tell you that there is no experience that can duplicate seeing a movie on the big screen. Well, that may be true for now, but virtual reality device could potentially give the big screen a run for its money. Already, the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers the option to watch films using Samsung’s Gear VR, which promises a much more immersive experience than would ever be possible on a standard smartphone. A virtual reality headset that was designed explicitly for the purpose of watching films would only enhance the experience further, and with tri-screen theaters being slowly introduced, goggles with a 180 degree field of vision could make televisions a thing of the past. Also there are lot of sellers are started selling the product of virtual reality headsets for sale online. Just visit online shopping portal to check your product price and rating from users.


Video Games – Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual reality video games are already on the market, and with headsets like Oculus and gaming platforms like Virtuix Omni becoming more readily available, the number of virtual reality titles is only going to grow over time. The promise of virtual reality in the gaming world is an unparalleled level of realism for a more immersive and satisfying experience. Titles like Adrift let you live out your own version of Sandra Bullock’s film Gravity, complete with the feeling of being in space, adrift and out in the open. Virtual reality game system will give you more experience on 3D gaming effect with full immersive screen display. On a traditional desktop monitor or television, such immersion simply wouldn’t be possible.



Sports – Immersive Virtual Reality

Recently, FOX Sports and Next VR teamed up for a deal that would see FOX broadcasting sporting events in virtual reality. Unique and novel ways to broadcast sporting events is nothing new – think of instant replay, on-screen graphics, 3D composites, and tracker cameras. Virtual reality represents the next logical step in bringing sporting events to life at home. With VR, games could feel more immersive and real than ever before.


Professional Applications – Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual reality applications provide a way to interact with materials in all new ways. Though we often think of VR as being useful only for video games and movies, the potential professional applications are nearly limitless. At the renowned hospital Cedar Sinai, a team of doctors, nurses, and researchers seems to recognize this, as they have recently adopted virtual reality for patient therapy and treatment. In the future, virtual reality could play a large role in diagnosis, treatment, research, and more.

Shopping – Immersive Virtual Reality

If virtual reality catches on, it will only be a matter of time before retailers start to re purpose it for their own needs. Already, retailers like McDonald’s have experimented with virtual reality for advertising and brand awareness campaigns. It’s not hard to see how auto manufacturers might use virtual reality to let potential customers sit inside (and potentially even drive) a new car from home or at work. If a platform turns out to be popular, advertisers will flock to it in droves – that much can be counted on!


VR is Ready

Just as the desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet transformed the technological landscape, virtual reality has the potential to completely change the future of how you interact with and consume media. Movies will be more engaging. Video games will be more immersive. Sports will take on a whole new sense of realism. And doctors and engineers will be able to interact with their subjects with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. If the 2000’s was the decade of the smartphone, the 2010’s might just be the decade that virtual reality finally came to fruition.


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