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How to Increase Efficiency in Logistics & Warehouse

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As with all businesses, efficiency is the difference between success and failure. There aren’t many companies that can last without focusing on the management and competence of its operations and team. That is never more true than when we look at warehouse operations. So today we are looking at how the most resourceful warehouses operate to ensure premium efficiency and maximum productivity.

Warehouse Layout

All the most efficient warehouses focus on how to create the most intelligent, staff friendly layouts. It requires a lot of planning to create the most efficient way to store inventory, however, when this is done properly it makes all the difference in the day to day efficiency of warehouse staff.

Therefore all warehouse managers should be thinking about laying out the most commonly used items and positioning them in the easiest to reach areas. Items that tend to be sold together should also be stored together. Items that are heavier and harder to move around should be placed at the bottom of shelves, in easy to reach areas. Try storing items of a similar size or shape together so that your shelves look neat and tidy and make sure that smaller items are at the front and not hidden behind larger boxes. Look at www.stockinventory.com if you are unsure how to go about the best inventory storage and management in your warehouse.



Efficient Machinery

You will need to make sure that you are providing your staff with the best tools and machinery in order for them carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. If you need heavy duty industrial applications make sure you have the right machinery to deal with the needs of your warehouse. Look for a company like www.goughecon.com who will be able to cater for the increasing demands in the logistics field and make sure that you are looking for machinery that best reflects the needs of your warehouse. You will also need to think about any old machinery that needs updating and replacing and you will also need to be looking at the smaller items around the warehouse that need to be maintained or updated.


Regular Analysis

To efficiently manage a warehouse is not just about finding a layout and a system and then just rigidly sticking to it. Because warehouses are about inventory, the trends and rising and falling popularity of certain products will be constantly fluctuating and that needs to be factored into the management of the stock.

All warehouse managers need to be analyzing their sales figures and regularly reviewing how they can be best placing the most popular products. Constantly changing the layout of a warehouse, of course, would be completely counterproductive when it comes to efficiency. However logistic and warehouse managers should be reviewing the layout every two years or so to make sure that the current warehouse layout is the most effective for the current popularity and demands of the products you are storing and shipping. This will ensure that you stay on top of the consumer trends of your company and are adapting your warehouse accordingly to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

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